4 Creative Ways to Use Pendant Lighting in Small Apartments 4 Creative Ways to Use Pendant Lighting in Small Apartments

4 Creative Ways to Use Pendant Lighting in Small Apartments

Regardless of the size of the apartment we are talking about, in the end, the smallest apartments are the cutest and most attractive. Why do we say this? Because small apartments offer the opportunity to be as creative as possible, in them you can bring the functionality to the maximum and make the most of the space. Even the lighting is easier to choose and has its own significant function.

When it comes to lighting, to get the right ambiance and give your small apartment a nice vibe, it’s good to opt for pendant lighting. There are several reasons why pendant lighting is a much better option, and to learn more about the selection and functionality, today we bring you 4 creative ways to incorporate this type of lighting into your small and sweet apartment.

  • Choose a cute model of pendant lighting for above the coffee table in the living room

It’s time to give a beautiful and intimate look to the part next to your small apartment that is destined to be a living room or a corner for daytime relaxation. How to achieve that? You will achieve this first of all with the furniture, but then you will also achieve it by placing the appropriate pendant lighting on the coffee table. Choose a cute model from the selection of pendant lighting and place it above the coffee table. Make sure that the solution has insufficient incident light, is subdued, and gives light to the coffee table, but also partly to the space around it. Let the model be individual, which would not give too much light to the space, but would still be bright enough.

  • Light the path in the hallway

If you have a corridor that is made in length and not in width, in that case, we have another super-creative proposal, but at the same time a proposal that will bring beautiful energy to the apartment and creativity. Choose pendant lighting that will illuminate the path you are walking in. For that, you will need several lighting fixtures, i.e. chandeliers, which you will place at an equal distance along the length of the corridor. They mustn’t illuminate too much, so that they do not have an overpowering and strong light, and still provide enough light to the space. With this move, you will give meaning to the space and make it look like a small runway to your beautiful apartment.

  • Light up the kitchen island or other unique part of the kitchen

In recent years, kitchen islands have been super accessories and elements that change the appearance of the kitchen beyond recognition. Apart from them, more and more parts are being created for the preparation of hot drinks and sweets and other cute corners that deserve to be properly lit. How to finish the mission and have a sweet corner in the kitchen? For beautiful and unique lighting, you can be helped by Serena & Lily, who until now have participated in helping a large number of households, offering unique pendant lighting solutions. All that is required is to choose a suitable model, position it right above the corner of the kitchen, and enjoy the view. Of course, it is best to choose a model that you can control with a rotary control so that the intensity is appropriate at the appropriate moment.

  • Give the dining room an intimate atmosphere with appropriate lighting

Everyone enjoys a beautifully lit dining area in which to enjoy food, chat, and be present in that beautiful moment. Even in small apartments, it can be achieved with good lighting and good organization of the space. Therefore, it is good to choose a pendant lighting model that will be composed of several lighting parts and you will place it right above the dining table. This way, the space with the food will be sufficiently lit, but there will also be enough lighting in the surroundings so that you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere with your loved ones or yourself while consuming your favorite food.

BONUS: Choose energy-efficient light fixtures and bulbs

To save money, it would be best to make the right choice. And what is the right choice? The right choice is to choose lighting fixtures and lamps that could help you save. By choosing them, you will have the opportunity to receive lower electricity bills, and you will still have an apartment that is evenly lit, with the right placement of pendant lighting, but also by choosing models that are stylishly compatible with the space.

Ahead of you are some guidelines on how to bring your small apartment to the perfect lighting and the perfect placement of lighting devices. It’s time to embark on this adventure and give your home a new look through the power of lighting.