8 Must-Have Plumbing Supplies in 2024 8 Must-Have Plumbing Supplies in 2024

8 Must-Have Plumbing Supplies in 2024

If you woke up to a flooded bathroom, you would be desperate to find the right tools to fix the plumbing problem. Don’t wait for such a situation to arise before realizing the importance of having the necessary plumbing supplies.

Plumbing Supplies, from minor repairs to major renovations, can save you time, money, and headaches. In this article, you will explore the eight must-have plumbing supplies that will be essential in 2024.

1. Wrenches

There are two types you might need: an adjustable wrench and a pipe wrench. The adjustable wrench can fit different sizes of nuts and bolts. At the same time, the pipe wrench, with its strong teeth, is excellent for turning pipes without slipping.

Having these wrenches in your plumbing kit is crucial for tightening or loosening things, and making sure pipes are secure and leak-free.

2. Tube and Plastic Pipe Cutters

These tools give you clean and precise cuts, making replacing or adjusting pipes easier. In particular, the tube cutter works by rotating around the pipe and gradually slicing through it. Meanwhile, the plastic pipe cutter, resembling pliers, easily slices through plastic pipes.

Including these in your plumbing supplies ensures you can neatly cut pipes to the size you need, making repairs or installations more accurate and efficient.

3. Plumber’s Torch

A plumber’s torch is a tool used for soldering copper pipes. It generates high heat to melt solder, creating a strong bond between pipes. The torch is fueled by propane or map gas and has an adjustable flame for precise control. It’s crucial for tasks like joining copper pipes, repairing leaks, or installing fittings.

However, safety measures, such as flame-resistant materials and protective gear, should be taken when using a plumber’s torch to prevent accidents.

4. Borescope

If you want to check out parts of pipes or plumbing systems that are hard to get to, a borescope can help. It is a long, bendable tube with a small camera on one end.  The camera sends live video footage to a screen, allowing plumbers to see any issues like clogs or damage without tearing things apart. Borescopes are crucial for diagnosing problems in hidden places, ensuring precise and efficient solutions.

5. Drain Snake Machine

A drain snake machine, also known as an auger, is a powerful tool for clearing clogs in pipes. It consists of a long, flexible cable with a corkscrew-like tip that rotates to break up and remove blockages.

Plumbers use this machine to tackle stubborn clogs that plungers or chemical cleaners may not handle effectively. Drain snake machines are essential for maintaining smooth water flow in sinks, showers, and drains.

6. Heat Shields

Heat shields are protective tools used during soldering tasks, especially when working with a plumber’s torch. These shields are flame-resistant materials and act as a barrier between the heat source and nearby surfaces or objects.

By using heat shields, plumbers can prevent accidental damage to walls, floors, or other materials in the vicinity.

7. Goggles

Goggles are a fundamental safety accessory for plumbers. They shield the eyes from potential hazards such as splashing water, chemicals, or debris during plumbing tasks. Plus, the lenses are designed to resist impact and protect against harmful substances.

8. Gloves

Gloves are a crucial protective gear for plumbers, providing a barrier between their hands and various substances encountered during plumbing work. Nitrile or latex gloves are commonly used, offering resistance to chemicals and providing a secure grip on tools. These gloves shield the hands from sharp edges, hot surfaces, and unsanitary materials.

Navigate Plumbing Challenges with The Right Supplies

In conclusion, navigating plumbing challenges becomes much easier when you have the right supplies at your disposal. By planning and ensuring you have the essential tools, you can save yourself from unnecessary stress and expenses.