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Meet the Team

Harrington Duncan

Harrington Duncan is a Chicago based painter with a MFA degree in Painting and Drawing from Rhode Island School of Design. He captures nature and the essence of life in his painting. Duncan wants to prove to you that yes you can paint , an art that can be nurtured . A lot of people believe painting is a God-given talent. Well, that can be true but for the vast majority of painters, painting is just a learnt skill. To be a painter, simply just start, avoid overthinking ,learn about it and be passionate.

Now, working with Acrylicpedia.com, Harrington Duncan is happy to show how to paint especially with acrylic paint, seal your art work and keep it for generations to come. He also reviews the best products for painters . He does this to help you not second guess the products you buy online. ” I only review acrylic products that I have personally used and confirmed to be of high-quality and good”, he said.

Osbourne Bronte Kelly

Osbourne Kelly hails from Perth, Australia( shout out to Aussies in the house). Bronte has been painting ever since he was a little boy. He later on graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA). One thing about Kelly is that he will teach you how to paint with humour. His bubbly personality also shines through his paintings and work.

I asked Bronte why he is always confident in his work and here is what he had to say” I wasn’t ever like this. I was a victim of bullying in school . I really had no friends. I was ever picked on. I turned to painting to release what I felt, this is when I learnt a lot about my self, that I could paint. That, I can indeed turn emotions to a visual pleasing art“.

Fast-forward, I later enrolled into Uni and graduated with Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA). Now, I want to help you get back your artistic self. If you ever gave up on painting at one point in your life, I want you to believe in your self again. I will share everything I know in my articles and paintings to get you there. Do not worry, even if you are a complete beginner , painting is going to be fun for you. Treat painting like your best friend, someone you can tell all your feelings emotions and secrets and would never judge you.

Madison Cray

Madison Cray is a 25 year old female beautician from California. She shares her expertise in skin care and nail art that she learnt from California School of Beauty. Madison is here to show you how to rock acrylic nails. She also has a keen eye for the best nail products in the market such as acrylic powder( polymer), liquid( monomers) and primers. Madison Cray is a contributor at Acrylicpedia.com and is happy to share all her go-to acrylic nail products and beauty tips with you all.

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