Best ways to Sell Online Courses Best ways to Sell Online Courses

Best ways to Sell Online Courses?

Creating and selling online courses is a big business in the edTech space, helping educators and entrepreneurs to unlock new opportunities and generate revenue.

Are you an entrepreneur, an online tutor, or an educator looking for the best ways to sell an online course? This is the right time to sell digital content in a self-paced course form that you create once for years and make money from it.

If you are convinced by the idea of creating online courses, which are evergreen forms of content that can help you make money even when you sleep, Stay with us in this blog.

Is creating an online course right for you?

If you feel creating an online course is the best decision, it depends on your goals, expertise, and course topic. Creating a course is a significant investment of time and effort to plan, create and promote the course.

Do you need any qualifications to sell courses? No, you don’t need any qualification in reality, but having expertise in a field, a certificate, or an academic qualification related to your course topic is a huge plus.

If you have the expertise and resources to sell high-quality online courses and the passion to share your knowledge with others to help them, creating an online course might be the best thing for you.

Different ways to sell online course

Creating and selling online is a great way to share your expertise with a broad audience and make some money. It’s a fabulous way to expand your services into a global market, create a brand, build a loyal following and position yourself as an expert in your industry.

So, what are the best ways to sell an online course? Let’s see.

Define your niche and target course buyers

When you are selling online courses, start by determining what topic or skillset you want to teach and who will be interested in enrolling in it. It is important to find your target audience as well. But how do you find your target course buyers? You can look into social media to find your target audience and create surveys to find your audience who actually suits your online course topic.

When selecting a course topic, find a course topic that you are familiar with and ask the following questions:

  • What you are experienced with? Where does your expertise lie?
  • Do people come to you for your advice? If yes, which topic?

Outline the goals and objectives of your online course

Once you know your course topic and have identified your target audience, start outlining the coal goals and objectives. Take a look at all the subtopics and decide what order you would give to each of them to meet the bigger objective.

Select a platform to host your course

Regarding course-selling platforms to sell online courses, course creators use marketplaces like Udemy and Coursera. While it is absolutely fine for beginners to host their courses on course-selling marketplaces, the best bet is hosting your courses on your website.

But how do you build a full-fledged course-selling website or a marketplace?

You can use a professional whitelabel solution like Pinlearn to build your own platform to host and sell self-paced online courses.

Pinlearn allows platform owners to build a customized platform where they can own the brand and scale their course-selling business successfully.

Create online course content

When creating online course content, you must use various course delivery methods like videos, PDFs, written materials, quizzes, and interactive activities related to your course. You must use different varieties of course materials to help course buyers understand the concepts effectively.

Choose your business model

Now you know the basics of selling courses, what are the best ways to sell your online courses? What business model do you must adopt when selling online courses?

The business model you select when selling online courses must align with your target audience, course type and overall business goals.

Here are some of the business models course sellers adopt:

Free courses

This business offers course buyers a free course, not exactly the course but a part of it. Customers need to pay to access the full online course or additional features.

Subscription access

Course buyers have to pay a recurring fee to access the course content.

Pay-per course

Course buyers pay a one-time fee to access specific online courses.

Course bundles

Creators can sell multiple online courses that are sold together for a discounted price.

Which is the best way to sell online courses?

The best way to sell online courses is to sell them from your own platform; it is a crucial journey for course creators. The course-selling platform you build meets all your unique requirements and comes equipped with features to sell courses in the most efficient way.

Each platform, be it online course-selling marketplaces or social media, has its own advantages and disadvantages and caters to different requirements and purposes.

Choose tutoring software to build your platform that comes with basic online course selling features, tools for course management, admin management, and live class support, which adds on to boost the eLearning experience.


Selling online courses is a great business idea that has the potential to help you make a lot of money, but only if you get it right! Start with a solid business plan and excellent business strategy, find your area of expertise, begin with a great course topic, and start creating and selling online courses. Ensure you promote your online courses with marketing techniques that resonate with your target audience and support them with a professional course-selling marketplace. You are good to go and find success selling online courses.