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Charlie Rhodes Afifi Biography and life history

Charlie Rhodes Afifi is a Canadian celebrity child who is popular in his teenage years because his mother, Sarah Chalke, is a famous Canadian model and actress. Charlie Rhodes Afifi is often spotted with his mother and his cuteness never fails to grab the eyeballs of people. Today, let us tell you all about Charlie Rhodes Afifi.

In this article, we will discuss the life details of Charlie Rhodes Afifi such as his early life, family, siblings, parents, age, love life, net worth, education, and other such details.

Personal life 

Charlie Rhodes Afifi was born on 24th December 2009 to Canadian actress Sarah Chalke and her ex-partner Jamie Afifi. The nationality of Charlie Rhodes Afifi is not confirmed but we believe that he must be a Canadian like his parents.

Considering the fact that Charlie Rhodes Afifi is 14 years old today, we can say that he might have started dating. However, not at all any information is available about the love life of Charlie Rhodes Afifi.

Parents and siblings

Charlie Rhodes Afifi is the oldest of two children of his parents, Sarah Chalke and Jamie Afifi, who remained in a romantic relationship from 2003 until their separation in 2022. They got engaged in 2006 after dating for 3 years and then welcomed Charlie Rhodes Afifi after 3 more years in 2009. The younger sister of Charlie Rhodes Afifi was born in 2006. After that, things got worse between the parents of Charlie Rhodes Afifi and they decided to call off their engagement in 2022.

If you talk about the professions, we have already told you that the mother of Charlie Rhodes Afifi is a famous Canadian model and actress while his father is a lawyer.


Charlie Rhodes Afifi himself is only 14 years old today, so he obviously does not have any kids.

Education and profession

To be honest no information is available about the educational background of Charlie Rhodes Afifi but we are pretty sure that Charlie Rhodes Afifi must be receiving his education from a renowned institute because his mother is quite rich. Considering his age, we assume that he would be in school and must not have started his professional career yet.

Reason for the popularity of Charlie Rhodes Afifi 

The one and only reason for the popularity of Charlie Rhodes Afifi is his mother, Sarah Chalke, who is a self-made star and has achieved a massive level of success in the Canadian film industry.

Net worth of Charlie Rhodes Afifi

With the fact that Charlie Rhodes Afifi is only 14 years old and is yet to begin his professional journey, he does not have any net worth under his belt. However, it does not mean that he has to compromise on his desires and live an ordinary life. Being the son of an actress mother, Sarah Chalke, who has a net worth of around 8 million right now, Charlie Rhodes Afifi is living the life of his dreams.


Charlie Rhodes Afifi has been gaining popularity and stardom in his life right since his birth and he seems to enjoy it very much because whenever he is spotted by the media, he greets the camera persons with a pretty smile.