Shopping is a rejuvenating activity for several women. This activity can be therapeutic for a few while others enjoy it to stay aware of the latest trends and fashion disasters. However, shopping for clothes is different from shopping for your lingerie.

Several portals or assistants can guide you to purchase the right apparel for an event. However, regarding bra for women, only a few people can give you reliable recommendations. Furthermore, you should not seek assistance from everyone for your lingerie.

Instead, approach only a few people who understand lingerie and you can ask them your queries. For instance, you can visit the Wacoal website or physical store to seek one-on-one guidance for your lingerie. Experts at their stores can clearly explain what you need, the size or bra styles you can try, and many more reliable suggestions.

Apart from this, here are a few common mistakes that women unknowingly make while purchasing a new bra:

Mistake 1: Extremely Tight Bra Straps

Bra straps are significant in the bra framework as they hold cups in place and protect your bust. However, these straps should not carry all the weight of your bust. It is essential to understand that extremely tight straps can harm your body.

If your strap is digging into your skin right now, then you need to check your bra’s fitting. Ideally, these straps should stretch for only 10% while the bra band and bra size can lift your bust. If you have this habit of tightening bra straps to the fullest, then you need to check your posture. This habit can strain your shoulders and compel you to slouch.

Mistake 2: Ignoring The Bra Band

Your bra band should stay horizontal to the ground surface on the back and front. While trying a new bra, check whether the band stays horizontal or rides up in a curve. If it rides up in a curve, then maybe you need a comparatively smaller band.

For instance, when your T-shirt bra gets delivered, you can try and check whether the band stays in its place or rides up. You can exchange the bra if it is not the right fit.

When it comes to a new bra, you do not have to make several adjustments, it simply needs to be clasped. Once you start using this bra regularly, you can clasp the hooks as per your comfort, as frequent washes stretch your band. Imagine securing your bra on the tightest hook from the very first day. It is less likely to fit you properly in the coming months and wearing an ill-fitted bra may not be good for your breast bone and tissues.

Mistake 3: Mind The Gap

A tight band is not a good sign similarly a loose band can ruin the comfort of your bra. If you can slide your two fingers in this gap, then women you need a new bra. Imagine wearing a plunge bra with a loose band, it will cause rashes as your bust scratches against the fabric, and you feel the discomfort.

Ensure that the band is neither extremely tight nor loose so that it can support your breasts, and enhance your cleavage so that you can walk with ease.

Mistake 4: Picking A Small Bra Cup

A small bra cup means you do not have two but four busts to deal with, two at the center and two on the sides. Picking a bra with the wrong cup size can lead to this issue. If you do not want to deal with spillage or bulge over the sides, then you have to ensure that you pick the right bra cup size.

You can visit the online bra calculator on the Wacoal website to check your bra cup size and purchase bras accordingly. This way, you can avoid spillage, a tight band, and suffocating side panel issues.

Mistake 5: Extremely Loose Cups

When you are clueless about your bra cup size, you have to struggle through loose or tight cup sizes. A bra with loose cup size results in a gap between your bust and the bra. This increases the risk of your bust moving from its place and this loose fit can harm your breast bone and tissues.

Therefore, it is important to confirm your bra cup size before you purchase a new bra.

Mistake 6: Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity

You have to understand that a cheap bra is less likely to last longer or the fit you desire. Cheap bras are cheap because they are made from low-quality fabrics. This low-quality fabric has a higher probability to chaff your skin and cause rashes.

Alongside this, the low-quality strap and band may lose its elasticity in a few washes which means you will have to switch to a new bra within a month. Such a fabric may not soak your sweat which makes you feel damp throughout the day leaving sweat patches under your armpits and on the sides. This may not look good when you are in a corporate setup or out with someone.

Exclusive Wacoal Bra for Women

Essential Wired Padded Cotton T-Shirt Bra: Made from cotton, this T-shirt bra offers moderate coverage with a 3/4th cup and is invisible under your shirt, blouse, or dress. This bra gives a natural contour to your breasts along with a slight lift. This is an everyday bra with a secure back closure.

New Normal Non-Wired Padded T-Shirt Bra: This is a full-coverage, lightweight, and flexible bra suitable for daily wear. It is designed with a special W-cutting technique to give a natural shape to your bust while the 3D stretch fabric molds your body with ease.

You can visit the Wacoal website to explore more about different bra styles, and how to pick a good bra for your body type within your budget.