Danika Berlin Star Baby Life Danika Berlin Star Baby Life

Danika Berlin Star Baby Life

Danika Berlin is the star kid of famous journalist and businessman, Tony Berlin. Her mother, Harris Faulkner, is a well renowned Journalist and author. Danika is also an aspiring gymnast.

Mini Bio

The famous journalists Tony Berlin and his wife, Harris Faulkner gave birth to Danika Berlin in May 2009.  Danika is the youngest daughter of her parents and has an older sister. Her sister is Golf lover Bella Berlin, both share a close relationship.

Danika often takes part in school gymnastics  with her team. She won the first place in the USAIGC/IAGC world championship around the same age group, Danika resides with her supportive and famous family in the United States.

Net Worth

Danikia’s total estimated net worth is about $2 million. Her mother, Harris Faulkner’s total estimated net worth is around $33 Million, she earns $9 million a year from Fox News. While her father, Tony Berlin has a net worth of $5 Million. These include, their all income streams, and land assets.

Why Is She Famous

Danika Berlin is the beloved younger daughter of famous TV host and journalists, Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin. Due to her parents being public figures, she is famous alongside her older sister.

Her Famous Family

Harris Faulkner

Harris Faulker is an American TV host and Journalist, working in FOX News channel since 2006. She hosts the show, The Faulkner Focus.

She is famous due  to her blunt anchoring style and asking daring questions. Harris has won six Emmy Awards, proving her power. She also hosts her own political franchise named, Town Hall America With Harris Faulkner.

Tony Berlin

Tony Berlin is a well endowed and famous Journalist, for his show Good Morning America.  After several years of working as a beloved journalist, Tony started his own company named, Berlin Media Relations. There, he serves as the CEO and Director of the company.

Bella Berlin

Bella Berlin is the older sister of Danika Berlin. Bella became famous due to taking part in beauty championships. She is a trained golf player, alongside Danika. Both sisters maintain an athletic appearance.

Media Appearances

Danika Berlin often appears in paparazzi supporting her mother and attending events with her. Alongside that she appeared cheering for older sister, Bella Berlin in New Jersey for her beauty championship. Danika often appears enjoying her life with her friends and participating in gymnastic championships.

Social Media Presence

Danika has a growing account on Instagram with over 602 followers. Where she posts about her gymnastic adventures and showcases her talents.

Her sister and mother also own their personal instagram accounts, and often interact with their followers.  Where Danika’s sister Bella has kept a private profile, their mother has a public profile where posts about her daily and professional life.

Glamorous Life

Danika Berlin lives a glamorous life due to her celebrity Journalists and businessman, Harris Faulkner and  Tony Berlin.


‘Danika Berlin is the youngest daughter of well established Journalist Harris Faulkner and her husband Tony Berlin. Danika is an aspiring gymnast who won numerous championships.