How to Sell Stuff on Amazon and Make Money How to Sell Stuff on Amazon and Make Money

How to Sell Stuff on Amazon and Make Money

Do you dream of operating your own business, curating and selling products to happy customers, and singing your company’s praises? This is not a fantasy but a realistic goal that the right steps and business stewardship can help achieve.

Opening an Amazon store is one of your best options to simplify the process in this digital e-commerce world. Most online shoppers are attracted to it because it provides instant access to a globally recognized platform.

This all sounds great, but where do you begin? For those that need help setting up in this selling Mecca, there is help. Let’s learn how to sell stuff on Amazon and make money.

Set Up Your Amazon Store

This process can be daunting, with many complicated steps, but it is easy. First, pick a selling plan. You must decide whether to work with an individual or professional; to determine this, consider how much you will make out of the gate.

For a start-up, and individual plan costs you $1.49 for each item you sell. The professional plan costs $29.99 per month, so if you sell more products to reach a tipping point, opting for a professional selling plan makes sense.

You will go through various steps in your setup, including pictures of your products, write-ups, and multiple pages that feature specific items and categories. Consider your brand image and market it effectively on all pages to create awareness and recognition.

Once finished, you can publish your site for approval and go live. Remember, you can edit and change things anytime to enhance your store and add new products. Getting it done quickly and professionally is critical to selling.

Third-Party Amazon Fulfillment Services

All strategies for your Amazon store require self-fulfillment. This means you acquire the goods, store them, package them and ship them to customers as orders come in. It takes a lot of time, which may not fit into your wheelhouse. Instead, you can use a third-party Amazon fulfillment service to handle logistical operations.

Amazon provides fulfillment services, but for more hands-on control outside Amazon and its rules and regulations, you can use an independent 3PL provider. Find a 3PL company that integrates with Amazon to manage your logistics.

  • Sourcing
  • Warehousing
  • Picking
  • Packaging
  • Shipping

This frees up so much time so you can concentrate on fine-tuning your storefront and discovering new products to market. These third-party Amazon fulfillment services have the infrastructure and manpower to handle your business, regardless of size and projected scale. They have hubs worldwide to ship your products efficiently to your customers with speed, accuracy and stability.

Resell & Wholesale

Besides marketing your products, you can also make some significant income through Amazon by selling other people’s stuff.

When reselling, you can find affordable items on different platforms. Visit marketplaces like Facebook or eBay and resell them on your Amazon store. You can even buy items from another Amazon store. Other options are to look at brick-and-mortar businesses like Walmart as this is arbitrage and a smart way to make income from your store.

For a wholesale business, source a wholesaler and market their products. You are not buying them retail, so there is more money in, and if you find a successful product, you can get it in bulk for more profit.

You will find that this can free up time to better market your store inventory and make a decent side hustle to add to your regular niche items.

Find Your Niche

If you throw enough darts at a dart board, you will hit the bull’s eye, but it takes effort. Instead, try aiming more accurately at the middle, and you will have a better chance of hitting it with a more targeted approach. This analogy works well for your Amazon store.

You can sell various products, but you may want to focus on a particular niche that distinguishes you as a top seller. Running a business involves lots of effort, so you must love what you do. Find a niche that interests you with products you are passionate about and put full effort into producing them, marketing them and selling them.

This is how you sell stuff on Amazon and make money. While every business has challenges and requires diligent work, these strategies will help you gain market share and thrive in a busy marketplace.