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Moses Greener: All You Must Know About Tamron Hall’s Son

Tamron Hall, the renowned talk show host, has experienced immense joy since the arrival of her son, Moses Greener. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating journey of Tamron and her husband, Steven Greener, as they embarked on the path to parenthood. From the significance behind Moses’ name to the couple’s decision to keep the pregnancy a secret, we will uncover the heartwarming details of this beautiful family’s story.

The Name Moses: A Symbol of Unity

Tamron and Steven carefully selected the name Moses for their son, considering their diverse backgrounds. With Steven being Jewish and Tamron being Christian, they sought a name that would resonate with both religions. Moses emerged as the perfect choice since he is recognized as a prophet in all seven major religions. Although the couple briefly considered the name Bob, as an homage to Bob Marley, they ultimately decided on Moses, embracing the significance and unity it represents.

“We’d already decided on his name early on — my husband is Jewish, I’m Christian and Moses was the only prophet recognized by all seven religions,” Tamron explained. “I could not imagine any other name, although we did bat around Bob, in honor of Bob Marley.”

A Secret Joy: The Pregnancy Revelation

Tamron and Steven chose to keep their pregnancy a secret until Tamron was 32 weeks along. They wanted to savor the joyous news privately and avoid the potential heartbreak of having to share devastating updates if complications arose. Tamron made a surprise announcement on Instagram, sharing a captivating photo of herself showcasing her baby bump and a custom-made hat that read “Moses.” The overwhelming support and love from fans and followers poured in, marking a special milestone in their journey to parenthood.

The Miraculous Arrival of Moses Greener

On April 25, 2019, Tamron and Steven welcomed their son, Moses Greener, into the world. Tamron shared the heartwarming news on social media, expressing her gratitude for the love and support they had received throughout their journey. The couple’s excitement and happiness radiated through their words and the accompanying photo, capturing the precious bond between mother and child.

Navigating the IVF Journey

Tamron openly discussed the challenging journey she and Steven faced with in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive Moses. She highlighted the physical pain associated with the process, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and validating this aspect. Tamron’s transparency shed light on the emotional and physical toll that IVF can take, creating a space for others to relate and find solace in shared experiences.

“When I was traveling, I was afraid to give myself the injections. It was very painful and I couldn’t work up the nerve… It’s brutal,” Tamron shared. “I’m fortunate to be able to have this procedure and access, but the pain is real. You don’t want to be ungrateful, you don’t want to minimize what chance you have right now that someone else would beg for.”

Moses: Tamron’s Little Sidekick

Moses has become Tamron’s pride and joy, capturing hearts with his adorable poses and reactions. The bond between mother and son is evident in the candid moments shared on Tamron’s Instagram page. Moses has even made special appearances on Tamron’s talk show, delighting viewers with his infectious smile and endearing personality.

“Moses and Mama!! I can’t wait to introduce y’all to my #sonshine,” Tamron expressed alongside a photo of her and baby Moses. “Thank y’all for the love and support. It got us here.”


The arrival of Moses Greener has brought immeasurable happiness and love into Tamron and Steven’s lives. From the careful selection of his name to the journey of IVF and the joys and challenges of motherhood, Tamron’s story serves as an inspiration to many.

Moses, with his bright smile and infectious personality, has become a symbol of unity and the epitome of a cherished miracle. Tamron and Steven’s love for their son shines through every moment they share, creating a beautiful tapestry of family and joy.