Rahmat Morton: A celebrity ex-spouse still enjoying the stardom of his ex-wife Rahmat Morton: A celebrity ex-spouse still enjoying the stardom of his ex-wife

Rahmat Morton: A celebrity ex-spouse still enjoying the stardom of his ex-wife

For some people, marriage is not just a source of happiness and love but also popularity and Rahmat Morton is one such person. He was once the husband of American music sensation, Keke Wyatt, and this is when he rose to fame. However, today he is no longer with Keke Wyatt but his public recognition is still intact.

In this article, we are going to tell you all the life details of Rahmat Morton including his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life

Since Rahmat Morton himself is not a celebrity, it does not come as a surprise that no confirmed information is available about his early life including the names of his parents and his exact birth details. According to some reports, Rahmat Morton was born in 1973 and is 51 years old. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by Rahmat Morton himself.

Unlike his basic life details, you will get something confirmed about his love life. Rahmat Morton got married to American music star Keke Wyatt in 2000 after dating for a couple of years. However, their marital bliss could not last long and they decided to part ways in 2009 just within 9 years.

Parents and siblings

 Rahmat Morton probably never wanted to share his family details with the public. This is why not even a single piece of information is available regarding the same. From their personal to professional lives, everything is a mystery to the public.


The 9-year-long married life of Rahmat Morton with American singer and songwriter Keke Wyatt yielded him two kids and their names are Keyver Wyatt Morton and Rahjah Ke’ Morton, who both are said to be media personalities at the moment.

Education and profession

Finding out any details about the educational background of Rahmat Morton is not really possible because this is again a secret to the public. Neither Rahmat Morton nor his celebrity ex-spouse ever shared anything regarding the same. As for the profession of Rahmat Morton, he is said to work in the music industry and is also a road manager.

Reason for the popularity of Rahmat Morton

Hands down, the only reason that makes Rahmat Morton popular today is his celebrity ex-spouse Keke Wyatt, who is a big name in the American music industry.

Net worth of Rahmat Morton

Let us come directly to the point, you can’t get even a slight whiff regarding the earnings and income of Rahmat Morton because he has kept these details completely under wraps. Owing to this fact, the exact net worth of Rahmat Morton is not known to the public. As far as the net worth of his ex-wife, Keke Wyatt is concerned, she is estimated to have around $7 million right now.


Although Rahmat Morton has not revealed much information about his profession, we believe that he must be professionally well-established because he got married to such a big celebrity.