Who is Cornelia Pianim? Who is Cornelia Pianim?

Who is Cornelia Pianim?

Cornelia Pianim is a member of the Murdoch family. She is the granddaughter of Rupert Murdoch, the founder of media mogul the Murdoch newspaper empire. Cornelia is the daughter of Elisabeth Murdoch. Her mother is widely known as a leading businesswoman. She is an executive based in the UK, and her business skills have helped her create wealth without focusing on her family’s wealth. What more do we know about Cornelia Pianim and her family?

Biography of Cornelia Pianim

Cornelia is the daughter of Elisabeth Murdoch and her first husband, Elkin Kwesi Pianim. She is the firstborn daughter, as the couple only had two daughters. Cornelia was raised by her mother and enjoyed the best time with her as she focused on creating her business empire.

Cornelia Pianim was born in 1994 in New York, United States. Her grandparents are Kwame Pianim, Anna Murdoch, and Rupert Murdoch. She has a younger sister named Anna Pianim. Moreover, she has step-siblings Charlotte Freud and Samson Murdoch.

Cornelia’s Youth-life

Cornelia prefers using the name Coco, and she is an Ivy League princess. Initially, she was a Facebook active user but has since gone private to focus on her life while avoiding the limelight. She stopped posting in 2019 and has not shared any updates on her life.

Cornelia loved the soft things in life. She enjoyed partying and spending quality time with her friends and was open to showing her privileges and posting her fun moments for her fans to engage with them.

Based on the posts she shared on Facebook, it’s evident that she had a close bond with her younger sister. She could share posts of her hanging out with her and them visiting their grandmother, Anna Mann.

Growing up, Cornelia and her sister lived a comfortable life. Their parents catered to their needs, and their wealth was present to fund their vacation, including yacht parties. Her family’s reputation didn’t prevent her from getting the fun moments. She has inked her body and has different piercings, all part of enjoying her youthful moments. Based on her posts, Cornelia loved to party and would have parties till morning. She wasn’t one to follow the strict upbringing of rich parents.

Education and Career

Cornelia was born in the United States but was raised in London alongside her sister and her stepfather, Mathew Freud. The blonde girl was a party freak but cared about her education. She enrolled at the University of Cambridge, where she pursued a career in creative writing.

She has not shared other details about her academic qualifications or the career she dreamed of as a child. We have no information on her current details after she went silent on Facebook. However, based on her family legacy, it could be that she is now focused on her career and following her family’s footsteps to create wealth.

Net Worth and Relationship

Cornelia has not shared details about her net worth. Moreover, no rumors have been shared about her relationship. Although she had a boyfriend during her youth life, we have no information on what her relationship is like at the moment.