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10 Digital Marketing Tactics To Skyrocket Your Growth Online

An online presence is a must if you are a small business owner and want to scale up your business. A consumer or client will download the information they need on their mobile phone or laptop. Globally, people are spending more time online than ever. 

However, it’s not enough to be online. You need more than just a website and your social media page. To get more clients or traffic, the only solution is digital marketing. 

But what is digital marketing, and why would you benefit from it? 

Simply put, digital marketing refers to promoting your products and services online using online marketing strategies.

To benefit from this type of marketing, you need to know how it works. In the next section, we discuss the various components and strategies of digital marketing and how they help in business growth. 

10 Digital Marketing Tactics for Boosting Business Revenues

Here are the top tactics & techniques you need to invest in:

Design A Responsive Website

A website is a lead conversion tool, and you need a website that can be viewed clearly on your mobile phone and laptop. Make sure your website can be navigated well and loads easily. 

While there are many free online options, engaging a freelance graphic designer is better to give your website a professional look. A website not only helps customers discover what you offer, but it also gives them information about your company and its history. 

Ensure Engaging Content

The more unique and interesting your content, the more traffic you will get on your website or social media. Different types of content help drive your business growth. They are:

  • Blogs: This form of content gets you organic traffic and is part of any SEO strategy. The topics you choose should be relevant to your industry. 
  • Infographics: This provides information to your customers easily through graphics with statistics. It could be included to make your blog content more authentic.
  • Newsletters: Quality is more important than quantity here. Keep the content crisp and informative.
  • Case Studies: Use this content to showcase your success stories, products, and services. They could be distributed through email marketing.
  • E-Books: Not only can you share information, but you can also build relationships with this content.
  • Testimonials: Your best marketing tool is your customer reviews. Positive feedback helps convert leads to customers. 

Social Media Marketing

No matter the age of your target audience, they can be found on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. 

Every social media platform requires a customized marketing strategy. To get the best from social media, your employees need training in social media marketing. 

Once you decide on it, post creative content to engage your audience. 

Search Engine Optimization

For effective SEO, you need the right combination of short and long-tail keywords. Don’t use too many keywords, as keyword stuffing will be penalized by Google. 

You would need time and experiment with different content marketing tools to get results. Hiring a digital marketing agency would yield faster results. 

Here are some key SEO strategies:

  • A relevant meta-description
  • Regularly post quality content
  • Ensure website speed is high
  • Images should be optimized
  • Google Listing is essential

Email Marketing

Whether you want to introduce a new product or service to an existing customer or get new customers, email marketing is an effective tool. 

Sending an engaging email with infographics and product or service videos will get your website more traffic. Smartphones let customers access their emails anywhere, and they can check messages 24 x 7. 

To get results, here are some smart email marketing tips:

  • Build relationships with a welcome email
  • Timing is essential for effectiveness
  • Create a list of leads and existing customers for sending these mails
  • Create an eye-catching subject line
  • Body content should be crisp and have the required facts
  • Text, images, and social media buttons should be included

Google Adwords

You can employ focused marketing strategies for your target audience with Google Adwords. This form of marketing generates higher sales and draws more customers. 

Here are different types of such Adwords:

  • Search Ads: When customers google something, they can see these ads on the top of the search results
  • Display Ads: Found on websites or apps, they include images, text, and videos. 
  • Video Ads: These ads appear either at the start or end part of videos
  • Shopping Ads: When customers search for a certain product, they are shown these ads

Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways you can reach out to your customers or expand your business is by engaging an individual to market your products on a commission basis. These agents or affiliates look for products they are interested in and promote them for a commission.

The brand sets the commission structure, and payment happens during a sale. It’s a mutually beneficial concept since the affiliate earns a higher commission with more sales, and the brand generates greater profits. 

Video Marketing

With live video viewers in the US in 2024 set to touch 161.4 million subscribers, you need video marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy. Like any other form of digital marketing, your video content needs relevant and customer-oriented content that helps them understand how a product or service works or helps them resolve a problem.

You can have tutorials, webinars, or live events as part of your video marketing strategy. It’s easy to create a free video online using templates offered by various platforms such as an online video editor. You can also incorporate a video slideshow with music to drive up viewer engagement. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencers enjoy celebrity status on social media and have a huge following. By partnering with influencers, you can get access to their followers. 

While top influencers charge a hefty fee, every penny is worth it, considering your brand’s visibility. 

Marketing Automation

It’s important for any business to not only provide quality service to existing customers but also to reconnect with inactive customers. 

With marketing automation, you can send bulk SMSs to all customers in your database. If you have the right content, you can convert your inactive customers to active ones while generating higher business from active customers. 


Digital marketing is indispensable for business success. Online tools help you track the behavior of your target audience to enable more focused marketing. Online platforms help you create professional videos in under five minutes with thousands of templates as references. 

Launch your digital marketing campaign now, and you’ll see a sharp increase in revenue.