All About Sheldon Streisand, Actress Barbara Streisand’s Brother All About Sheldon Streisand, Actress Barbara Streisand’s Brother

All About Sheldon Streisand, Actress Barbara Streisand’s Brother

Sheldon Streisand is the older brother of American actress, singer, and director Barbara Streisand. He was born on May 13, 1934, in Brooklyn, New York, to Emanuel Streisand and Diana Ida Rosen. Sheldon’s father was a teacher at a local high school, while his mother was a school secretary in the same school his father taught.

Sheldon’s mother was a music enthusiast when she was young and even considered becoming a musician, but things did not work as she had expected.


Sheldon Streisand grew up in a loving family, but when he was nine years old, his father died following complications of an epileptic seizure. His father suffered a head injury earlier in his life and occasionally experienced seizures. Following his father’s death, Sheldon’s family fell into poverty as his mother could not manage to cater to the needs of two children.

Sheldon’s mother did various jobs to meet the needs of her two kids, but her earnings were not enough since she earned a small amount of money. Seeing all these issues, Sheldon’s younger sister Barbara vowed to make it big in the entertainment industry to save her family from poverty.


Given that his parents were academic enthusiasts, it was only standard for Sheldon to start his studies once he came of age. He enrolled in a local school, and paying for tuition was easy until his father died. Though struggling financially, Sheldon’s mother ensured he attended school to acquire an education. Sheldon then joined a local school where he was active in sporting activities. After high school, it is unclear if Sheldon Streisand proceeded to college for his higher education.

Love Life

Sheldon Streisand is a married man; he met a lady named Ellen Judith Beards, and the two have been together for a long time. He dislikes being in the spotlight and has not revealed much about how they met and when they got married. However, sometimes, his sister shared pictures of him with his wife. Sheldon and his wife are parents to one daughter named Erica Streisand, but there is no information about her on the internet.

What Does Sheldon Do?

As mentioned, Sheldon Streisand is an individual who prefers to live a private life and does not like revealing much about his life. Professionally, he is the board chairman of Streisand, Zuch & Freedman advertising agency. Besides his role as the chair, no information has surfaced on the internet about what else he does to earn a living.

Even though his previous work is unknown, Sheldon has always been there for his family, providing everything they might need.

Relationship with His Sister

Sheldon Streisand has always had a great relationship with his sister; growing up, they had a great bond, and given that they had lost their parents, they just had each other and their mother. Sheldon often defended his sister and ensured no harm came to her. Sheldon and her sister have maintained their childhood bond till today, as Barbara took to her Instagram page to post her brother on his 85th birthday.