Meet Carol J. Woliung, Ex-Wife of Pete Rose Meet Carol J. Woliung, Ex-Wife of Pete Rose

Meet Carol J. Woliung, Ex-Wife of Pete Rose

Carol J. Woliung is the ex-wife of American former baseball player Pete Rose. The two met in the 1980s and got hitched in 1984. Carol and Pete’s marriage lasted nearly three decades, and they were blessed with two children: a son named Tyler Rose and a daughter named Cara Rose, born in 1989. Her daughter Cara is an actress, having appeared in a few shows, but little is known about her son Tyler.

Divorce Proceedings

Carol and her ex-husband, Peter Rose, have been separated for over a decade, and the divorce proceedings do not seem to end. Pete has been asking the court to speed up the process so that he can marry his girlfriend, Kiana Kim; the two have been dating for a long time, and they would have exchanged their wedding vows if not for the slow proceedings.

While requesting the court process, Carol’s ex-husband mentioned that his health was deteriorating and the court should speed up the process for his good. He has had heart issues, and so far, he has undergone three different heart surgeries.

Why are the Divorce Proceedings Taking So Long?

Carol and Pete separated in 2011, stating irreconcilable differences as the course. Carol disagreed with his reasons and expected some explanation, which he could not provide. While still married to Carol, Pete started seeing Kiana Kim, which might have resulted in the difficulties surrounding the divorce proceedings.

Carol says that Pete makes about 1 million dollars annually and, therefore, he should pay more support. On the other hand, Pete has been claiming that his income has drastically reduced over the years and is currently earning about 400,000 annually. Given the little he is making, he cannot pay the amount of money Carol asks him to pay. Besides, he has debts to pay, and his health condition is deteriorating; all these have contributed to the slow divorce proceedings.

Her Ex-husband

Most people know Pete Rose from when he played baseball; he played for various teams, including the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, and Montreal Expos. Carol’s ex-husband started his professional baseball career in 1973, playing for the Reds, and he had an excellent career for the fifteen years he was with the baseball team.

Pete retired as a baseball player in 1986 after the Cincinnati Reds dropped him to make room for a younger pitcher. Despite being dropped by the Reds, he remained with the team as a manager for three years.

Controversies Surrounding Her Ex-Husband

Carol’s ex-husband has been in the spotlight on several occasions due to gambling, tax evasion charges, and statutory rape allegations. In 2016, in an interview, attorney John M. Dowd alleged that Pete had committed statutory rape in the summer. After getting wind of this news, Carol’s ex-husband filed a lawsuit against the attorney.

Is Carol Seeing Anyone?

Carol J. Woliung has not made it public if she is dating anyone, but at the moment, she has been going for court divorce proceedings to see that her ex-husband pays more spousal support. On the other hand, her ex-husband is dating Kiana Kim, and the divorce proceedings are the only reason he is not married to her.