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Top 20 Best Acrylic Paint Pens For Canvas, Glass, Wood, Rock, Plastic, Fabric, Ceramic and DIY Crafts

Molotow One4All, Uni Posca Paint Markers , Decocolor and ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Pens. After trying all these acrylic paint pens on my art projects, I will give you my 100% honest review of each. I will also tell you the surface recommendations for each. So, if you really want to create urban art, try sketching, writing or add small accents and details, this review is for you. But, first- What is acrylic pen or marker?

Why would some one use acrylic pen (paint marker)? You may ask. Well, there are couple of reasons why one might consider creating art with an acrylic pen. One of the reasons is that acrylic pens offer better control than brushes and are pre-loaded with acrylic ink that is ready to use without the need for additional supplies like , palettes, and water. So, what are the best acrylic paints right now ?

I am here to tell you that you just found the right review. After trying all these acrylic paint pens on my art projects, I will give you my 100% honest review of each. I will also tell you the surface recommendations for each. So, if you really want to create urban art, try sketching, writing or add small accents and details, this review is for you. But, first- What is acrylic pen or marker?

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What is Acrylic Pen or Paint Marker?

A “paint Pen or Marker” is a broad term that can refer to any type of pen filled with paint-like ink. It might not necessarily be acrylic-based; it could use other types of paint or pigments.

An “acrylic paint pen,” on the other hand, specifically refers to a type of paint pen that contains pigmented acrylic-based paint. They are designed to provide the qualities of acrylic paint (such as vibrant colors, opacity, and versatility) in a pen-like format . This makes them suitable for fine detailed work, outlining, and creating paint-like effects with precision.

An acrylic paint pen is like a magic pen that holds colourful acrylic paint instead of regular ink. In this article, when I use the term acrylic marker or Acrylic pen interchangeably, I mean the the same thing( Just wanted to point that out ).

What to Consider When Choosing Acrylic Paint Pens?

As you’re looking at acrylic paint pens, you will want to consider a variety of factors to make sure you’re choosing the right ones for your needs;

1) Acrylic Quality

Go for acrylic paint pens with high-quality acrylic ink that flows smoothly and consistently. Quality water based ink ensures your lines are even and vibrant, enhancing the final result of your artwork. Look for pens with pigmented acrylic-based ink that maintains its richness even as it dries.

2) Nib Size

The quality of an acrylic paint pen is defined by its ink consistency and vibrancy. A high-quality acrylic paint pen should give you consistent smooth application and free from blotches. You’ll have to consider the nib size that aligns with your artistic needs. Different art projects require a different nip size for either line thicknesses and details.

So having a variety of nib sizes at your disposal allows you to execute various techniques and styles, from fine detailing to broader strokes. Luckily, these acrylic paint pens( listed below) have nip size labelling to help you know exactly what size you are getting. Which is why the nip size matters a lot.

3) Range of Colors

If you are choosing a set of acrylic pens than single pens, then look at their range of colors. There are acrylic paint pens that come in 8, 12 to even 32 color sets for you to work with. I say, go for acrylic paint sets that offer a diverse range of colors, enabling you to express your ideas accurately. This will come in handy especially when subtle shading or doing dynamic contrasts.

4) Durability and Fast Drying Time

As artists, it’s essential to give thought to the endurance and swift drying of an acrylic paint pen during our selection process. Imagine looking at your art even after 5 years, that’d would be splendid. For an artist, swift drying safeguards against the unintended mingling of hues, ensuring you to work without hesitation.

5) Compatibility

I recommend you look at the surface compatibility before you purchase an acrylic pen. I have placed a list of surface recommendations for each acrylic pen so you won’t have to second guess if it will work well on your surface. Whether it’s paper, canvas, wood, or other materials, these acrylic paint pens will adhere well to your chosen surface without smudging or fading . They are essential for achieving the desired outcome. So, without further a do, Ladies and Gentlemen…. Here the best acrylic pens / markers this year.

20 Best Acrylic Paint Pens

1) Molotow One4All 127HS Acryl Marker Basic-Set 1 ( Best for Canvas, Glass, Wood, Wax, Fabric, Cardboard, Plastic, Stone and Terracotta)

I placed Molotow One4All 127HS Acryl Marker Basic- set 1( my favorite) as number one simply because they are not greasy , are refillable and are opaque too. They also dried really fast to my surprise( just 10-20minutes). With a point size of ‎2 Millimeters and a fine point type, this acrylic paint pen will make your art sessions worth it.

As an artist who has put the Molotow One4All 127HS Acryl Marker Basic-Set 1 to the test, I’m genuinely impressed with their overall performance. I drew some sketches on my Adidas sneaker shoes and oh boy, they turned out great( I flipped them on eBay afterwards). The colors were popping ( which I loved) . It allowed for detailed work as well as broader strokes, granting me the freedom to explore different techniques. After finishing painting my shoes, all I did was seal them with Angelus Acrylic Finisher 615 Satin High Gloss 4oz and I was good to go.

When you purchase this paint set, you get an exceptional blend of 10 cool colors so you don’t run out of colors. Plus, the ink quality is really good, consistent and rich- flowing smoothly onto various surfaces from canvas to stone.

As a high tier paint pen, it prevents smudging and unintentional mixing of colors, which is a real game-changer during intense creative sessions. Though slightly pricier than some alternatives, the quality justifies the cost. The Basic-Set 1’s range of colors covers essential tones, allowing for immediate experimentation. All in all, these acrylic paint pens are super easy to use and no stress. By the way, I recommend these Best Sealers for Acrylic Paint, check them out if you love to paint sometimes.


  • 10 Cool Colors
  • Uv and Weather-Resistant
  • Point Type – Fine
  • Solvent-Free
  • Can be diluted with water or Acetone
  • Refillable
  • Dry- Fast


  • None

2) 24 Uni Posca Paint Markers, 3M Fine Posca Markers with Reversible Tips, Posca Marker Set of Acrylic Paint Pens ( Best for Metal, Paper, Plastic, Fabric, Leather, Glass, Stone, Ceramic, Wood)

Having been a staple in the market for longer than I can recall, the 24 Uni Posca Paint Markers( includes a 3M Fine Posca Markers with Reversible Tips) is reliable and a renowned collection. Uni Poscas are synonymous with quality, and being able to acquire them in sets is a convenient option. Yes, they’re a tad expensive, but from my perspective, the investment is entirely justifiable.

When it comes to getting started with these acrylic paint pens, there’s a slight learning curve. You’ll want to “burp” the tip to remove the trapped air between the inner paint layer and the new felt/plastic tip. As quirky as burping may sound, it’s a bit of a chore and can leave you with somewhat tender thumbs. Once that’s done, the priming process begins—shake, shake, shake like there’s no tomorrow.

But let me tell you, after over two months of consistent and heavy usage, these acrylic markers have held up remarkably. Only one tip has hinted at needing a flip, though it’s still functional for broader coverage. So, don’t stress—these markers have proven their endurance. While they might be a bit of a splurge initially, they stand the test of time, and in my book, that makes the 24 Uni Posca Paint Markers a solid choice for any artist seeking reliable, durable acrylic paint pens.


  • Comes in a Set of 24 cool colors
  • Tested on 50 different surfaces including; Metal, Paper, Plastic, Fabric, Leather, Glass, Stone, Ceramic, Wood
  • Reversible Tips
  • Easy to use
  • UV Resistant
  • Pigmented
  • Dry- Fast


  • We Couldn’t Find Any

3) Decocolor Extra Fine Acrylic Classic Paint Marker Set( Best for Paper, Wood, Plaster Statues and Terra Cotta)

The Decocolor Extra Fine Acrylic Classic Paint Marker Set offers a compact but powerful array of artistic potential. Available in four essential colors—Gold, White, Silver, and Black—this set caters to a range of creative projects. The standout feature is its Extra Fine point, artist’s dream for fine intricate detailing and precise lines.

Speaking of how versatile these markers are, they really shine on all sorts of surfaces like Paper, Wood, Plaster Statues, and even Terra Cotta. They’re totally a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to artistic projects! The broad compatibility gives them a step head of other acrylic paint markers and makes them an ideal tool for diverse artistic endeavours.

What’s truly remarkable about Decocolor Extra Fine Acrylic Classic Paint Marker Set is its accessibility to artists of all levels. As a beginner, you can find your artistic feet by focusing on smaller, more controlled projects, while a professional can exploit the fine tip for the utmost precision in advanced creations. This wide range of applications ensures that whether you’re simply sketching, embellishing, or adding those finishing touches, these markers come in handy.

The only con is it does not come in a wide range of colors( you only get 4). But, if minimalism is also a thing in colors then why not give them a try? I don’t see any reason not to.


  • Comes in 4 essential Colors (Gold, White, Silver, and Black)
  • Point Type-Extra Fine
  • Best for Paper, Wood, Plaster Statues and Terra Cotta


  • Only comes in 4 colors

4) ZEYAR Premium Acrylic Paint Pen, Water Based, Extra Fine Point, 18 Colors( Best for Glass, Shoes, Rock)

Another really cool acrylic paint pen set you should try is ZEYAR Premium Acrylic Paint Pens. If you are thinking of drawing, Writing or Painting, these paint markers will get you started smoothly. Crafted with a commitment to safety and quality, ZEYAR Paint Pens have a line size of ‎0.8 Millimeters, are odorless, acid-free, and AP certified, ensuring a worry-free artistic experience . Plus, you get a palette of 18 cool colors at your disposal.

Take for example my niece( Mandy), like many children her age, my niece has developed a strong fondness for Molotow pens. However, the challenge arises as she tends to exhaust them quite rapidly. This prompted me to explore alternative paint pen options akin to Molotow , that’s when I came across these paint pens.

Although they might not have the same longevity, they do offer a greater quantity for the price. From my perspective, I found them to be considerably preferable. They generate less mess and result in cleaner, less chalky coloring. I wholeheartedly suggest you give these a try!

And, if you are eco- conscious, you will be glad to know that ZEYAR’s acrylic pens are environmentally friendly. You wanna know if they will work on your glass project? A big yes, they will work great on your shoes , glass and rock surfaces.


  • Odorless
  • A line size of ‎0.8 Millimeters
  • 18 cool color
  • ASTM D-4236 Certified
  • Point Type – Extra Fine


  • Colors lack individual labelling

5) ARTISTRO Paint Pens, Set of 12 Acrylic Paint Markers with Extra-fine Tip (Best for Rock, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas, Porcelain, Eggs and Paper)

Thanks to their remarkable quality, ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Pens have stepped out of the shadows of being underdogs in the world of art supplies. Apart from having good Ink- Quality, ARTISTRO have an extraordinary performance- It truly caught my attention.

Sporting an extra-fine 0.7mm tip, they bring beauty plus precision to your art, and the set of 12 vibrant colors will give you an impressive coverage. What’s more, their convenient pull cap closure ensures quick access without any hassle( talk of real ease of use right there).

The versatility they offer is truly impressive – from wood and glass to porcelain, eggs, fabric, ceramic, paper, and metal, these acrylic paints prove their compatibility is on point for various surfaces. Personally, I must admit- these markers are a marvel. The smoothness of their tips surpasses any marker I’ve used before( not to say others where trash) .

Next, their choice of colors is simply astonishing, and even in cases where a specific shade might be missing, the ability to blend and shade is seamlessly. ARTISTRO Paint Pens have truly won my admiration for their exceptional quality and undeniable value in enhancing artistic projects. I 100% recommend them.


  • Comes in a Set of 12 Cool Colors
  • Point Type- Extra Fine
  • Has a 0.7mm Tip 
  • Easy to Use
  • Right Colors
  • Can be Sealed


  • I couldn’t Find Any

6) Montana Cans Acrylic Marker Set A, Fine, 12-Colors ( Best for Glass, Wood)

Just by looking at them, Montana paint pens are cute, sturdy and easy to use . You will get the paint flowing smoothly right off the bat. The reason I love these pens is that they are refillable. However, they are a bit pricey when compared to some of the paint pens in this review. But, if you do not mind the price tag, go for them.

I must admit, some time last year, I was disappointment upon when these markers that I ordered were only filled to about a quarter of their capacity. From my view, that was a blatant rip-off. Unlike these markers, other paint markers like Molotow and Un-Posca markers arrive brimming with paint, right up to the brim. It pains me to say that Montana’s approach seems to fall short, leaving you with a sense of being short-changed in terms of the paint you anticipate. But, I do think they improved, just make sure yours come filled to the brim.

Still, I’ll give credit where it is due- The tip is quiet impressive , has a fine line size of 2.0 mm. It will set a relaxed tone for your art. Each stroke will feel welcoming. By the way, Montana is great for your glass and wood projects. I’d give them a 7/10 rating !


  • 12 Color Set
  • Replaceable Tip
  • Point Type – Fine
  • Refillable
  • Compatible with Various Sealers


  • Some Colors Come Half Way( As Per My Experience)

7) Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Markers Paint Pens Assorted Vibrant Markers (Best for Rock Painting, Canvas, Glass, Mugs, Wood, Ceramic, Fabric, Metal, Ceramics)

For an artist, a dependable tool that doesn’t run dry mid-project is crucial. This is where the TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers Paint Pens Special Colors Set comes in. With 24 vibrant acrylic colors in its set, it assures longevity and variety. The set’s opaque color nature is a big win. Notably, the replaceable nib, along with the extras included, ensures uninterrupted creativity.

Well, it goes without saying that compatibility is everything even in art. These markers are work well with various sealers. That’s a stroke of luck, and its quick drying time boosts workflow efficiency. As an advocate for reliability and quality, I confidently vouch for the TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers Set—a perfect art ally! I do not see any cons with this one!


  • You Get a Set of 24 Assorted Pastel Colors
  • Point Type- Medium
  • Compatible With the Majority of Sealers
  • Light Fast
  • ‎Line Size 3 Millimeters
  • Easy-to-Use


  • I don’t See a Reason Not to Try Them !

8) Shuttle Art 36 Colors Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Markers, Dot Tip and Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Pens (Best for Rock , Ceramic, Wood, Canvas, Plastic, Glass, Stone, Calligraphy, Card Making, DIY Crafts)

Shuttle Art 36 Colors Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Markers offer a fun way to create art. With this set, you’ll receive 36 cool colors including ‎Blue, Gold, Pink, and Silver. The line type is ‎1 Millimeter. After appropriate priming( not a must), the paint glides seamlessly from the tip to the surface, consistently producing smooth and uniform lines.

Unlike acrylic paint, these acrylic markers dry up in a matter of minutes. And, just like other paint markers, these gems work well on Ceramic, Glass, Painting, Rock, Stone, and Wood. I don’t know if its just me. But, I found the colors not as bold as I’d like them to be. For instance, the red comes across as more of a reddish pink or a really light red. This subtleness is noticeable in other colors as well. It’s just a bit disappointing because I was hoping for strong, bold colors that would stand out more in my artwork.

Despite all these, Shuttle Art 36 Colors Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Markers will still give you an enjoyable and versatile time if you really want to bring your creative ideas to life across various surfaces.


  • Comes in a 36 Colors
  • Point Type – Fine
  • Best for All ages
  • The paint markers are equipped with a flexible fiber dot tip ranging from 1 to 5mm and a fine 1mm tip
  • Line Size – ‎1 Millimeters


  • The colors could get more bolder and brighter

9) FUMILE 36 Colors Paint Pens Paint Markers, Acrylic Paint Pens ( Best for Wood, Rock , Glass, Ceramic, Canvas, Easter Egg )

When in search of materials for embellishing rocks, the requirement for pens compatible with non-porous surfaces becomes paramount. FUMILE 36 Colors Paint Pens Paint Markers addresses this need effortlessly, owing to its substantial ink consistency. Its versatility really does extend to Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Canvas, and even Easter Eggs for a reliable adhesion. After drying, these markers exhibit impressive water resistance.

I’ve even employed them to craft designs on garments, and remarkably, subsequent washes hardly affect the vibrancy. Especially tailored for rock painting artists, these markers offer a noteworthy feature in the form of 2-3mm nylon tips . Given the abrasive nature of rock surfaces, I found they really work well on rocks.

10) Nawod 35 Premium Acrylic Paint Marker Pens, Double Pack of Both Extra Fine and Medium Tip ( Best for Rock Painting, Mug, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric Painting, Canvas, Metal)

If you’re inclined towards marker-based painting, the Nawod 35 Premium Acrylic Paint Marker Pens is a splendid choice. These markers have an Extra Fine and medium tip point type to give you that versatility in stroke widths. Notably, they eliminate the discomfort of an unpleasant odor during use.

Infact, their application spans various surfaces such as; Rock Painting, Mugs, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric, Canvas, and even Metal( There is no excuse you can possibly have for not trying them). I also like the fact that they are non-toxic, a great ideal gift for nurturing children’s artistic dreams. The choice of 35 colors give you ability to explore different artistic projects . Plus, they also dry really fast. What could potentially go wrong with this markers?- Nothing !

11) Betem 60 Colors Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens Markers, Premium Acrylic Paint Pens( Best for Wood, Canvas, Stone, Rock Painting, Glass, Ceramic Surface)

Whenever my family goes camping, I always make sure to have a fun activity ready for the grandkids. This time, I introduced them to painting using the Betem 60 Colors Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens Markers.

The kids were stunned. To make the experience even more beautiful, I brought a collection of river rocks that turned out to be the perfect canvas for their artistic expressions. The pop colors were so vibrant. This was even more fun, and the dual tips allowed for easy and precise application.

I totally think these paint pen are a convenient alternative to traditional paint brushes and bottles of paint. I couldn’t have been happier with the choice to use the Betem 60 Colors Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens Markers for our camping art activity.

12) IJIANG 24 Multicolour Acrylic Paint Pens, Water Based Quick Dry Paint Markers ( Best for Rock Painting, Wood, Fabric, Mugs, Canvas, Ceramic, Glass, Scrapbooking Craft, Card Making)

I love the cool vibrant array of colors in the IJIANG 24 Acrylic Paint Pens Set , really strong and bright. These acrylic markers have a exceptional coverage that I like. And, should the need arise to feather the colors using a brush, they effortlessly glide across the surface of your creative piece.

In my personal experience using these paint pens, I found them to be easy to use , although notably thicker than anticipated upon initial inspection. Despite all these, their performance remains impressive. I’ve particularly seen a great outcome after using them on the wooden pieces I craft. However, they may not be best for resin pieces.

To prolong their longevity , you should incorporated a sealing step into my process. Sealing your crafts will not only preserves the color accuracy but also aids in retaining the vibrancy.

The IJIANG 24 Acrylic Paint Pens Set offers a user-friendly experience with smooth and consistent flow. While their thickness was unexpected, they still perform admirably across various surfaces including ; Rocks, Wood, Fabric, Mugs, Canvas, Ceramic, Glass, Scrapbooking Craft and Card Making.

13) Acrylico Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting Set of 30 ( Best for Glass , Stone, Paper, Ceramics, Wood, Scrapbooking & Drawing)

Dude, so I got my hands on these Acrylico Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting, like, last year. And let me tell you, starting out with a 30-set of cool colors was pretty rad for someone like me just getting into marker art.

I was super exited to try these out, and man, they didn’t disappoint. The colors in this set are seriously dope – a whole range of cool shades that got me back into creating art again. The only tiny hiccup was that they didn’t label the colors on the pens. Not gonna lie, that sometimes made it a bit of a guessing game when I was trying to remember which shade I’d used. But ,call it a minor speed bump.

Now, what you will even love more about these acrylic paint pens is how they don’t quit. Even with all the wild stuff I was drawing, the pens kept on going strong. I couldn’t agree any further, these Stylish Acrylic Paint Pens are legit.

If you’re all about getting that shinny Ferrari red or some dope popping colors and going nuts with your art, these babies are a must-try. Despite the label thing, they’ve pretty got a cool range of colors that’ll totally hook you up for your next creative adventure.

14) Artugn 36 Colors Acrylic Paint Pens, Dual Tip Pens With Medium Tip and Brush Tip( Best for Rock , Ceramic, Wood, Plastic, Calligraphy, Scrapbooking, Brush Lettering, Card Making, DIY Crafts)

I used these paint markers to paint my miniatures for my board game and I got some cool details. The paint size isn’t bad either. Now, miniatures is not the only thing you can use these acrylic paint pens on. They will work on almost any surface. I’m talking rocks, ceramics, wood, plastic, Ceramic, you name it – they’re all fair game. But hold up, that’s not all. These pens are like the ultimate multitaskers. Calligraphy, Scrapbooking? You got it. Brush lettering? You bet. Card making? Absolutely. DIY crafts? Hell yeah!

Now, let’s talk value, my friend. These pens won’t break the bank, and they get the job done with just a tiny bit of extra elbow grease. Trust me, a little effort goes a long way with these ones. My favorite color is the lime green, totally off the charts. They hook you up with not just one, but gold and silver metallics too! And, let me tell you, those metallics look straight-up awesome.

If you’re hunting for a killer set of acrylic paint pens that’ll unleash your artistic beast, the Artugn 36 Colors Acrylic Paint Pens are where it’s at. I’m not just saying this – these pens legit changed my creative game, and they’re gonna do the same for you. Don’t sleep on it, grab a set and get ready to rock your world.

15) Emooqi Paint Pens, Acrylic Paint Markers 24 Colors Waterproof Pen Set ( Best for Rock Painting, DIY Craft Supplies , Ceramic, Glass . Canvas, Mug , Metal and Wood)

Another affordable cool acrylic markers you should get your hands on are Emooqi. These markers are seriously worth getting your creative hands on. And guess what? They’re packing a medium point type that’s just right for nailing those details.

Now, let’s talk speed – if you’re one of those artists who can’t stand waiting around, these markers dry really fast. That’s right – they dry crazy fast. No more hovering around your canvas, twiddling your thumbs. You lay down your art, and these markers lock it in, simple.

But , here’s my advice for you – the initial shake to get the paint flowing into the tip can be a bit of a process. If you’re grabbing these for kids in your life, consider giving them a head start. I remember the day I got these; I sat down, grabbed a piece of paper, and primed each marker so they were ready to use. So there you have it, Emooqi Paint Pens are a win-win. Super affordable, fast-drying, and packed with potential.

Other Acrylic Paint Pens Worth Checking Out

16) ArtShip Design 35 Premium Acrylic Paint Pens, Double Pack of Both Extra Fine and Medium Tip( Best for Rock Painting, Mug, Ceramic, Glass, and Fabric Painting)

17) RESTLY Acrylic Paint Pens, 60 Colors Acrylic Paint Marker, 0.7mm Extra Fine Paint Pens( Best for Canvas, Rock Painting, Wood, Glass, Metal, Ceramic, stone)

18) IVSUN 24 Colors Premium Extra Fine Point Acrylic Paint Marker Pens( Best for Wood, Canvas, Stone, Rock Painting, Glass, Ceramic Surfaces)

19) NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Paint Pens Paint Markers, Extra Fine Tip Point Acrylic Paint Pens( Best for Rock Painting, Canvas, Wood, Ceramic, Glass, Stone, Fabric, DIY Crafts & Art Supplies)

20) JR.WHITE Acrylic Paint Pens Paint Markers( Best for Rock Painting, Canvas, Wood, Glass, Fabric, Metal, Plastic, Arts Crafts Easter Eggs, Pumpkin, Scrapbooking Supplies, Graffiti Markers for Adults Kids)

How Long Do Acrylic Paint Pens Take to Dry?

Acrylic paint pens or markers typically require 10-25 minutes to dry when applied thinly. However, for thicker applications, the drying time can extend to up to 2 hours to ensure complete drying and proper adhesion. This time is recommended if you want your art work to have the desired finish and lasting quality.

Do Acrylic Pens or Paint Markers Wash off?

Acrylic paint pens or markers are water-resistant when they dry, which means they won’t wash off easily with water once they’re fully cured. However, if you’re using them on surfaces that are prone to getting wet , then they will definitely wash off. If you want to make corrections while the paint is still wet, you should clean them up using water and a damp cloth.

To ensure your artwork’s longevity, it’s advisable to let the paint cure well and consider sealing it after it dries. This way, you can enjoy both benefits of water resistance and the ability to clean up before the paint fully sets.

How Do You Remove Acrylic Paint Pens?

Alright. Here comes the messy part and challenging phase. You may have messed up your art work and suddenly need to make changes. First things first, do not panic. If you need to remove or correct the paint, follow these steps:

  • Act Fast, I mean Really Fast: If you make a mistake or want to remove the marker paint, do so while the paint is still wet. Acrylic paint markers can be easier to clean up before they fully dry and cure.
  • Use Water and Cloth: For water-based acrylic markers, dampen a cloth or paper towel with water and gently blot or wipe the area. This should help lift the wet paint. Keep in mind that this method may not work as effectively for completely dried or cured paint.
  • Mild Soap Solution: If water alone doesn’t do the trick, you can try a mild soap solution. Mix a small amount of gentle soap with water, dampen a cloth, and gently rub the painted area. Remember to rinse with clean water afterward and pat dry.
  • Acetone or Rubbing Alcohol: For stubborn or dried acrylic paint marker spots on hard surfaces like glass or ceramics, you can use a cotton swab soaked in acetone or rubbing alcohol. Test a small, hidden area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the surface. However, you have to be really keen not to remove the underlying paint.
  • Paint Over: If removal attempts prove unsuccessful, consider painting over the area with a new layer of acrylic paint to cover the unwanted marks. I use this trick all the time to correct mistakes without having to fully remove the paint.

Always test any cleaning method on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t cause any damage or unintended effects.

Are Paint Markers Waterproof?

Acrylic paint markers are water-resistant, but they may not be entirely 100% waterproof. This means that while they can withstand some exposure to water without immediately smudging or running, they might still show some signs of fading or smearing when subjected to extended moisture or heavy water contact.

To understand the difference between water resistance and waterproofing, consider the example of painting on canvas or rock. A canvas with acrylic paint marker art can handle a light damp cloth for cleaning without major issues, thanks to its water-resistant nature. However, if you fully submerge your canvas in water or exposed to heavy rain, the paint might start to deteriorate.

Same thing happens when on a rock, the paint marker design might hold up well against rain or splashes due to its water-resistant properties. Yet, if the rock is submerged or placed underwater for a prolonged period, the paint might still be affected, even though it’s water-resistant.

Water-resistant implies a degree of protection against water, while waterproof suggests an ability to repel water entirely. Acrylic paint markers fall into the former category, offering a level of water resistance that is suitable for various artistic applications but might have limitations under prolonged or heavy exposure to water. Acrylic ink exhibits similar behavior acrylic paint .

Can You Use Paint Pen Over Acrylic Painting?

Certainly, utilizing a paint pen over an acrylic painting is not only possible but also a technique frequently employed by artists, including myself. It is a wonderful way to achieve fine details and refine your art more. Using a paint pen over any acrylic painting will also give you precision and help create fine elements that might be challenging to achieve solely with a paint brush.

If you are a painter, you should definitely start using paint pens more for details (Check out this painting I did! I used acrylic paint pens to add in all the little details).

Certainly, utilizing a paint pen over an acrylic painting is not only possible but also a technique frequently employed by artists, including myself. It is a wonderful way to achieve fine details and refine your art more. Using a paint pen over any acrylic painting will also give you precision and help create fine elements that might be challenging to achieve solely with a paint brush.

If you are a painter, you should definitely start using paint pens more for details (Check out this painting I did! I used acrylic paint pens to add in all the little details).

Are Acrylic Paint Pens Worth It?

100%, acrylic paint pens are definitely worth considering and your money! Imagine having the convenience of a marker combined with the vibrant and lasting qualities of acrylic paint.

For example; acrylic paint pens will give you details , enhance your creativity and make your art beautiful especially when working on variety of surfaces such as; canvas, wood, ceramics, and even rocks.
Whether you’re a beginner looking to play safe or an experienced artist in need of new techniques, acrylic paint pens will make your creation look professional.

You should also consider acrylic paint pens if you want to add highlights, embellishments, and that extra touch that makes your artwork stand out. In my own experience, acrylic paint pens are like the bridge between painting and drawing. They have brought my ideas to life with ease. When ever you are ready to paint again, get your self acrylic paint pens.

Do Acrylic Paint Pens Fade?

In my experience, acrylic paint pens have a reputation for being quite durable and resistant to fading. I’ve found that when I use them on surfaces like canvas, wood, ceramics, or rocks, the colors stay vibrant and the details remain sharp as time goes on. Although it’s worth noting that factors such as exposure to tough weather conditions, direct sunlight, and not sealing or finishing properly might lead to some fading over a longer period. What I’ve learned is that by sealing the artwork properly and safeguarding it from harsh elements, it’s possible to extend the life and vibrancy of the colors when using acrylic paint pens.

Final Verdict

Acrylic paint pens are indeed the ultimate life jacket in the life of an artist. Just make sure you seal your work afterward to safeguard against dust and UV rays. If you have a favorite brand in mind that has worked for you, shoot me a message in the comment section. My name is Harrington Duncan. Thanks for your time!