Emma Jean Kelley – Bio, Age, and Family Emma Jean Kelley – Bio, Age, and Family

Emma Jean Kelley – Bio, Age, and Family

When you are born into a family of legends, you are likely to take after them and also create your legendary journey. Emma Jean Kelley is creating her legendary journey, and although she is 22 years old as of 2024, the young girl is already setting career milestones. She is the daughter of the legendary Mary Loud Retton. Her mother is a record-breaker and a world former gymnast, a gold medalist and champion. Her influence is what also motivates her daughter to take up the skill and make it a career.

Biography of Emma Jean Kelley

Emma is widely known as the daughter of Mary Lou Retton. Her mother is a former gymnast and a gold medalist. Her father, Shannon Kelley, is also a sportsman. He is a former American quarterback who created his name while playing for the Texas Longhorns.

Emma Jean Kelley took after her parents to join the sporting world. She was born in 2002, but the exact birth date is not shared. Her birthplace is Houston, Texas. Emma has three siblings: Shayla Brae Kelly, McKenna Lane Kelley, and Skyla Brae Kelley.

Education and Career

Being born in a family where her parents were passionate about sports gave Emma the upper hand to love sports and quickly take after her parents. Emma developed a passion for gymnastics at a young age. Her passion is attributed to watching her mother perfect the skill and make the most out of it, including being a gold medalist in a world champion.

Besides, Emma is not the only one in the family who is passionate about gymnastics. Her older sisters, Shayla and McKenna, are also into the sport and made their mark in collegiate gymnastics. Their involvement in the sport laid the foundation for Emma to follow in her sister’s footsteps.

Emma started her gymnastics in 2016 as a level 10 gymnast. She enrolled at Fun & Fitness Gymnastics, located in Richmond, Texas. As a level 10 gymnast, her career and skill were evident, and she bagged fourth place in a Texas State Championship.

A notable fact about the championship is how well Emma dominated in the floor and vault exercises, earning impressive scores. Anyone could tell that Emma was talented in the sport, and despite being at a young age, she was perfecting the skill and setting room for a future career record.

Although details about her high school life are unknown, Emma graduated from high school and joined the University of Arkansas. We are unsure of what career she pursued by her collegiate gymnastics career was official in 2022 when she made her debut and first appearance for the Arkansa-Razorbacks.

During the event, she achieved a commendable 9.800 score, and this record was proof that she was skilled and good at it.

Who is Emma Jean Kelley’s Mother?

Emma’s connection and love for gymnastics is courtesy of her mother. Mary Lou Retton was a legend in the sport. She is recognized for winning the all-around gold medals during the 1984 Olympics. This record marked her career record, and her daughters aim to reach and break the family record.