Everything About Annemarie Powell, Colin Powell’s Last Daughter Everything About Annemarie Powell, Colin Powell’s Last Daughter

Everything About Annemarie Powell, Colin Powell’s Last Daughter

Born on August 7, 1971, Annemarie Powell is the last daughter of the late politician Colin Powell because of Annemarie’s father’s career. She grew up in the limelight, but she has gone the extra mile to make a name for herself.

Annemarie is an established author and a garden designer who has made a good fortune from her career. Annemarie is a proud mother of three children. She is estimated to have a net worth of $13 million. Here are more details regarding the famed author.

Who is Annemarie Powell?

Annemarie Powell is a famed author, garden designer and television presenter. Annemarie came to the limelight as the last daughter of the late US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, but she has also done great things, making a name for herself.

Annemarie is an award-winning garden designer, a  career that has earned her a fortune. Besides designing gardens, she is a television presenter and author who has published at least two books. Annemarie spends her time innovating garden designs for private clients and companies while educating people about gardening through her educative books and television appearances.

The celebrity started her career in 1998, and she has spent the last few years perfecting her skills. Her portfolio includes private and commercial gardens, roof terraces and public spaces, and community gardens, among others.

Annemarie’s Early Life

Annemarie is proud of her family background, explaining that she has kept her Powell name despite being married. Annemarie’s parents walked down the aisle in 1962, and they shared three children during their marriage.

Annemarie loved gardening from a young age, which encouraged her to focus her studies in a similar field. She got a degree in Gardening and Hard Landscape Studies from Capel Manor College, and she has been designing gardens since 1998.

The beautiful lady was born in Florida, but she is famous in the United States for her career as a gardener and the daughter of the late US politician Colin Powell.

Who is Annemarie Powell’s Father?

Colin Powell was the father of Annemarie. Colin was the 65th United States  Secretary of State from 20001 to 2005, and his presence in politics drew attention to his family. Moreover, Colin’s wife, Alma Powell, is the Chair of America’s Promise, a large alliance aimed at improving the lives of children and youth.

Annemarie’s father fought for black Americans during his era, and it has made him remembered. Unfortunately, the US state secretary died in 2021 due to Coronavirus. The death of the politician shocked many people, including his family, but at least he had done good work for his country.

Is Annemarie Married?

Annemarie is a proud mother and wife. She met Mark Straver, a gardener in college, and they loved each other with time. The year of their wedding is unknown, but they are proud parents to three children.

Annemarie’s husband works as a gardener as well. He is the CEO of Hortus Loci, a wholesale plant nursery which works with landscape architects and garden designers.