Everything About Laurence Tureaud Jr and His Father Everything About Laurence Tureaud Jr and His Father

Everything About Laurence Tureaud Jr and His Father

There is pride in being a celebrity kid. Being born to celebrity parents makes people curious about your progress. In the case of Laurence Tureaud Jr, his fame is thanks to his father’s reputation. He is the son of Mr. T. Although Laurence is not in the limelight like his father, we have a few details about him. Let’s discuss them.

Biography of Laurence Turead Jr

Mr. T has one son with his wife, Phyllis Clark. The son’s name is Laurence Turead Jr. He was born in Illinois, United States, in 1986. Laurence has two siblings, Erika and Lesa Tureaud.

Details about Laurence’s early childhood, including his education and career, remain unknown. He is not into social media and sharing about his life. Thus, we have no information about him. His parents also don’t share or post anything about their son. Laurence has chosen to avoid the limelight to focus on his goals. He doesn’t have a career that puts him into the limelight.

However, we are still keeping an eye on him, and we will share any new information that we will get about his life.

Who is Laurence’s Father?

Laurence is the son of Mr. T. His father’s birth name is Laurence Tureaud. He was born on May 21, 1952, and his main fame is due to his acting career. Mr. T has played in different series and films. For instance, he appeared as B.A Baracus in The A-Team 1980s TV series. You can also find him playing as boxer Clubber Lang in the Rocky III.

Another thing that sets Mr. T apart is his unique hairstyle, which resembles West African warriors. Mr. T also uses the “I pity the fool” phrase, which he later trademarked.

Early Life of Mr. T

Laurence’s father was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was the youngest in a family of seven children: eight sons and four daughters. Together with his siblings and parents, the family lived in a three-bedroom apartment.

Laurence’s grandfather, Nathaniel Tureaud, was a minister, and he left when Mr. T was only five years old. Mr. T was unhappy with his birthname, which made him feel inferior. He was tired of everyone calling people in his family “boy.” His father was referred to as “boy,” and his uncle, despite serving in the war, also got referred to as “boy.”

This discrimination against the black man made Mr. T officially change his name from Laurence Taureud to Mr. T. That way, he felt more at peace as anyone referring to him had first to use Mr in his name.

Mr. T attended Dunbar Vocational High School and joined different sporting activities, including wrestling, football, and martial arts. He won the citywide wrestling championships for two years while still at school. He has served in the United States Army from 1975 to the late 70s.

Mr. T was also into professional wrestling for WWW when he appeared in the first WrestleMania alongside Hulk Hogan. His successful career has earned him over $1 million.