Ron Stoops jr’s Bio, Family, Coaching Career Ron Stoops jr’s Bio, Family, Coaching Career

Ron Stoops jr’s Bio, Family, Coaching Career

Ron Stoops and his family have been celebrities for their involvement in the football industry. Coming from a family of football coaches and players, it was not an issue for Ron and his brothers to venture into football.

Ron and his brothers were coached by their father, a long-time defensive coordinator at Cardinal Mooney High School, and he acted as a good career planner in their later lives. Here are more details regarding Ron Stoops and his family!

Ron Stoops Jr Bio

Ron Stoops was born as the eldest child of Ron Sr and Evelyn Stoops. Ron was born in the late 1950s to a family of six children, and he started schooling at Cardinal Mooney High School, where his father was a defensive coordinator.

Ron’s brothers Mike, Mark and Bob became a football Trio known for their football career and coaching, while his sisters Maureen Farragher and Cathy Drummond have lived away from the public eye. It is unclear what the Stoops sisters did for their careers.

Since 2010, Ron has served as the YSU’s special team coordinator and worked with the linebackers. Ron was a student of YSU and graduated in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree. He joined Dayton University, where he earned his master’s degree.

Besides his career in the field, he is a dedicated husband to Bonnie Stoops and a father of four children, including Melanie, Ron, Joey and John.

Ron Stoops’s Brothers

As much as Ron Stoops has had his hand in football coaching, his brothers have had more promising football careers as coaches and players. Mike Stoops is the second born after Ron. He was born on December 13, 1961, and attended school alongside Ron, becoming a football player.

After football, he became an assistant football coach at the University of Lowa, Kansas State University and the University of Oklahoma. Mike is known to be the current inside linebackers coach at the University of Kentucky.

Mark Stoops was born on July 9, 1967, and he is a recognized football coach who is the all-time winning head coach in the history of the Kentucky Wildcats football program. Mark has been the football head coach at the University of Kentucky since the 2013 season, and he continues to shine and help the team win. Away from the field, Mark is a father to two sons, Will and Zach.

Rob Stoops is Ron Jr’s other brother, born September 9, 1960. The American football coach serves as the head coach for the Arlington Renegades, but he previously worked as the head coach of the University of Oklahoma for 18 seasons.

Bob, also called Robert Stoops, has been coaching the Renegades in XFL since 2020 and was assigned for 2023. During his 18-year college coaching, he recorded a 79.8 per cent winning rate, making him one of Oklahoma’s all-time winningest coaches. He was the only coach in history to win a national championship and all four BCS bowl games.