Who is Vince Ferlito? Who is Vince Ferlito?

Who is Vince Ferlito?

Many fans of Vanessa Ferlito got surprised when they saw her with a baby hump in 2007. The actress had kept details about having a baby a secret, and when her son was born, it became inevitable that people wanted to know more about the son. Vince Ferlito is Vanessa Ferlito’s son and is the only child in the family. What do we know about the young boy and his mother? Read on to find out!

Meet Vince Ferlito

Vince Ferlito is a celebrity kid. Being the only child of Vanessa Ferlito, a famous American actress, makes him a center of attention. The child’s birth caught many people’s attention as her mother had not shared news about being pregnant.

Nonetheless, Vince Ferlito was born in 2007, and details about his birth remain unknown. For personal reasons, Vanessa keeps secret any information about her son. She has brought him into the limelight, and we can’t tell what education level he is or what institution he is studying at. Besides, his early life remains a mystery.

Again, Vanessa has not shared details about who Vince’s father is. She dislikes being interviewed about such information, and when asked about Vince’s father, she turns down the question or fails to understand. She prefers being the only parent in the limelight for her son, which is also a great option for her.

Biography and Early Life of Vince Ferlito’s Mother

Vince is the son of Vanessa Ferlito. Her mother is mainly known for appearing in the first season of the CBS crime drama CSI: NY as Detective Aiden Burn. Vanessa Ferlito was born on December 28, 1980. Her birth place is Brooklyn, New York. She is an American national, and her occupation is an actress.

Vanessa was born to an Italian-American family. However, her father died when she was two years old. He overdosed and fell, hitting his head on a table, causing him to bleed to death. Vanessa was brought up by his mother and stepfather. Her parents owned a hair salon in New York, and life was hard for her.

Despite the hardship, Vanessa managed to discover her passion at a young age and decided she would work towards it to live her dream.

Vanessa’s Career

Vince’s mother started nurturing her career at an early age. She pursued acting in different short films but didn’t get the chance to show her worth. Growing up, she had to become a club kid in New York and also a Wilhelmina model as one way of surviving.

Vanessa has kept most of her details private, and her growing up is not well captured. However, sources have it that other students looked down on her at school as they found her “different.” Her professional entry into showbiz was in 2001. Since then, she has played key roles in different films. A good example is when she played FBI Agent Charlie DeMarco in the TV series Graceland. Moreover, she was in the series 24, where she played as Claudia Hernandez. Another hit was playing as Detective Aden Burn in CSI: NY.