Recalling Life & Death Of E. Pierce Marshall Recalling Life & Death Of E. Pierce Marshall

Recalling Life & Death Of E. Pierce Marshall

Pierce Marshall was the son of American Oil Tycoon, J. Howard Marshall II. Pierce inherited almost 16% of the industry. After his inheritance, he became a Petroleum Industry executive.

Early Life

James Howard Marshall II and his wife Eleanor M. Pierce gave birth to E. Pierce Marshall, also known as Everett Pierce Marshall, on January 12, 1939 in San Francisco, United States. James Howard Marshall was an American businessman and also known as the Oil Tycoon. E. Pierce followed his father’s footsteps and inherited his father’s business. Pierce also had a step-mother known as Anna Nicole Smith, who was an actress and a step-brother known as J.Howard Marshall III.

Educational Background

Everett Pierce Marshall Attended Webb schools, in california before joining the Millersburg Military Institute which was a Military boarding school. He finished college preparatory graduation in 1956 from Culver Military Academy.  He completed his undergraduate  degree in 1961 from Pomona College. E. Pierce was an excellent student pursuing his academic goals.

Why Is He Famous?

Pierce is famous because he was a business tycoon’s heir. Additionally, he became famous due to his legal fight with his step-mother and brother for the inheritance of his father J. Howard Marshall II money. Which lasted for almost 12 years, ending with Pierce winning the case.

Personal Life

In 1965, Pierce Marshall married an American Billionaire heiress, Elaine Tettemer Marshall. The couple gave birth to two sons, named E. Pierce Marshall Jr and Preston Marshall, respectively. E. Pierce was interested in motorsports and that resulted in him taking part in the cannonball run around 1979, at the age of 40. He finished the competition and completed his run in 36 hours and 51 minutes.

Net Worth

Before his death, E. Pierce Marshall appeared in Forbes magazine as one of the richest persons in America. His total estimated net worth was around $1.6 billion dollars. Which includes his income streams, inherited wealth, and land assets. In the year 2020, Forbes magazine stated,  the Marshall family was in the top 14 wealthiest families of America with a total net worth of $20 billion dollars.


Howard Marshall’s second wife, actress Anna Nicole Smith and her son, J. Howard Marshall III filed a lawsuit against Everett Pierce Marshall. J. Howard Marshall excluded Anna Nicole Smith and their son from his will and documents, making E. pierce as the only heir. The case lasted for almost 12 years while E. Pierce was defending himself. Ultimately, E. Pierce won the case in the end, becoming the sole heir of his father’s will.


Pierce passed away at the age of 67 on June 20, 2006. It happened because of septic shock caused by the mingling of staphylococcus and streptococcus infections that were resistant to drugs. His children, Preston Marshall and E. pierce Marshall Jr, along with his wife Elaine Tettemer Marshall, inherited his shares.


Pierce Marshall was a petroleum industry executive and heir of Business tycoon, J. Howard Marshall. He lived a luxurious life, until he had to defend himself against his step-mother and step-brother. However, he won in the end. Became one of the richest persons in America.