Marilyn Nault Successful Life, Unfortunate Death, Highlights, & More Marilyn Nault Successful Life, Unfortunate Death, Highlights, & More

Marilyn Nault Successful Life, Unfortunate Death, Highlights, & More

Marilyn Nault is the third wife of former NBA player and Legend Bill Russell. The couple kept a private life and low profile. Marilyn mostly stayed away from the limelight and maintained privacy until her death.

Early Life

On January 15, 1950 Marilyn Nault’s parents brought her into the world, in Concordia, Missouri in the United States. Her full birth name was Marilyn Ruth Nault. Her zodiac sign was Capricorn. Her father’s name was Quentin Nault and her mother was Helen Nalt.

She used to practice Catholicism alongside her parents. After completing her studies, she worked as a jewelry salesperson before meeting her husband and NBA legend, Russell. After spending some time together, Marilyn and Russell married each other just a few weeks before he turned 66.

They stayed together until the unfortunate event took place. Because of her private life, there is not much information about Marilyn Nault.


Marilyn graduated from high school and joined UC Davis university. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. Later the National Institutes of Health funded her studies for Ph.D in Tufts University. Marilyn Nault was academically bright and has finished her studies successfully with a great academic record.

Why is she famous?

Marilyn Nault is famous  as the third wife and ex-secretary of the former NBA player, Legend Bill Russell.

Net Worth

Before Dying her total estimated net worth was around $1 Million dollars, which included her income streams and land assets before she became a housewife. Her husband’s  total estimated net worth was about $10 million dollars which included his income as a successful NBA player.

Her Husband’s Achievements

Marilyn Nault’s husband was a NBA player, legend Bill Russell. He played for almost 13 years and maintained an image of an NBA icon. Bill received many athlete awards for his incredible performances. Bill played in 70 NBA finals, making a record during his time.

Marilyn Nault and Bill’s Russell Relationship

Marilyn and Bill met when Marilyn was working as a jewelry salesperson and a business woman in  1996. During their initial years together they became friends. Later, Marilyn worked as Bill’s secretary and became his business partner. The couple maintained a private relationship and family life. Marilyn and Bill started to date in  1997. The next four years they spent life as one of the power couples of the United States.  After almost four years of dating, they married each other on February  17th 2000. They were always together afterwards until Marilyn’s death.

Marilyn’s Death

On January 21st 2009 in the United States Mrilyn passed away. She was 59 years of age when she died. There was no clarification  reason about the cause of her death. She died as Bill Russell’s 3rd wife. After a few years of death, Bill married again. Bill Russell died at the age of 88 on 31st July 2022 in Washington, United States.


Marilyn Nault lived a successful and peaceful life, alongside her husband Bill Russell, former NBA legend. She lived privately and became Russell’s business partner and secretary before they married.