Pauline Robinson Bush Early Death, Family Details, & More Pauline Robinson Bush Early Death, Family Details, & More

Pauline Robinson Bush Early Death, Family Details, & More

Pauline Robinson Bush, also known as Pauline bush was the daughter of 41st United States President, George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife, first lady Barbara Bush. Leaving her parents devastated, she passed away at a young age.

Early Life

George H. W. Bush and his wife, Barbara Bush, gave birth to Pauline Robinson Bush on December 20, 1949 in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.  She was the younger daughter of the couple, Robin had an older brother named George W. Bush and a younger brother named John Ellis.

Barbara Bush named her daughter after her late mother, Pauline Robinson Pierce. Her father wanted to give her the name Pauline Pierce Bush, however, his mother suggested not to do that. Pauline’s mother Barabra stated Robin’s cousin did not know her real name because everyone always referred to her as Robin.

Robin lived as the beloved younger daughter of the Bush family. Pauline’s mother Barbara described her daughter as a sweet girl with a gentle soul. Her father stated Robin’s presence made him feel stronger. Robin’s parents denoted her as a calm but an active child. Due to this, her parents never got over their daughter after she left the world.

Why is she famous?

Pauline is famous because of her President father, George H. W. Bush. She is also known due to her sickness, leukemia.

Suffering the Illness

After the birth of Robin’s younger brother John Ellis also known as Jeb in 1953, one dayRobin woke up feeling lethargic. She was suffering with Leukaemia, a type of blood cancer that begins in the bone marrow. However there was no visible sign of the illness.

Robin’s parents took her to the Bush’s family doctor because her parents believed their daughter had spring fever. They described her as rowdy and healthy like brothers. Upon the rush and numerous check-ups, Dr. Wyvell informed Robin’s parents about her sickness and suggested keeping it a secret because it had no cure back then.

The Doctor suggested giving her a happy life because she would not survive long. George H. W. Bush did not listen to it, he wanted his daughter to get well. Thus, they went to many doctors in hopes of getting their daughter healthy again.

After a particular medication, Robin’s sickness went into remission. Although, it was for a short while. Slowly her health started to deteriorate, so much so that doctors had to keep her under an oxygen mask. Her body soon developed painful wounds and ulcers all over.

Death & Aftermath

Pauline passed away at the age of three, just two months before her fourth birthday on October 11, 1953. Her sickness made her life painful in her last few remaining  days. Her death completely broke her parents, Barbara and George H. W. Bush. Her brother, George W. would try to spend his time with his mother instead of his friends.

Pauline’s death came as a harsh period for the family. Although, soon the family healed but never forgot their little Robin.

Pauline’s parents donated her body after her death for research purposes in hopes of discovering a cure for the disease.


Pauline Robinson Bush was United States’ 41st president George H. W. Bush and his wife, first lady Barabr bush’s only daughter. Who died due to her illness, Leukemia at the age of three.