Get to Know Brianne Aron Get to Know Brianne Aron

Get to Know Brianne Aron

Brianne Aron is a celebrity wife known thanks to her husband, Chris Sale, an American baseball player. Most of her husband’s fans wonder who the baseball player’s wife is. She was born on August 11, 1989, to her parents in Chicago, Illinois. Details of her parents and siblings are not on the internet, but she had a great relationship with them.


Brianne Aron went to elementary school in her hometown before joining high school. She participated in various sporting activities in high school, including football and basketball. After completing high school, Brianne Aron joined Florida Gulf Coast University, earning a bachelor’s degree in communication. Brianne also studied public relations and philosophy.

Professional Life

Regarding her professional life, Brianne Aron is a massage therapist. Although studying public relations and philosophy in college, Brianne took a different career path. She had a passion for modeling, and as soon as she completed her college education, she started modeling for various agencies. Though she has been enthusiastic about modeling, it has not worked well with her, and now she works as a massage therapist.

Personal Life

Brianne Aron and Chris Sale met while in college, they became friends, and soon their friendship turned into romance. They started going on dates, and before they knew it, Brianne was pregnant with their first kid. After giving birth in 2010, the two lovebirds continued their relationship, and in the following, they became hitched.

After their marriage, Brianne and her husband welcome two other children. Brianne and her family are pretty close, and they value the bond they have for each other. She is a loving mother, and despite her busy schedule, Brianne always creates time for her three handsome boys.

Her Husband

Brianne’s husband started playing baseball while in Lakeland Senior High School; he was passionate about the game and continued with his passion in college. After college, Chris joined the Chicago White Sox, and he attained some success while playing for the team as a pitcher. Brianne’s husband now plays for Boston Red Sox; he joined the team in 2017.

Is she on Instagram?

Brianne Aron prefers to live a private life, and as such, she has kept most of her details away from the public’s prying eyes. She is not active on any social media platforms; no accounts affiliated with her are on Instagram, App X, or Facebook. However, her husband is on Instagram and sometimes shares pictures of himself and those of his family and friends.

Net Worth

Brianne Aron has been working in various fields over the years; despite being a celebrity wife, she did not just sit at home and wait for her husband to provide everything for her. She has worked as a model and as a massage therapist, and her earnings from the two jobs have substantially contributed to her net worth. Though she has not revealed her net worth, some sources indicate that her assets amount to 100,000 dollars. On the other hand, her husband has a net worth of 24 million dollars.