Who was Elizabeth Bryan Allen? Who was Elizabeth Bryan Allen?

Who was Elizabeth Bryan Allen?

Elizabeth Bryan Allen was an American actress and the mother of actress Elizabeth Montgomery. She was born on December 26, 1904, in Louisville, Kentucky, to Rebecca D. Allen and Bryan H. Allen. Her father was treasurer for an electric company in Louisville, Kentucky. Elizabeth had an older sister named Martha-Bryan Allen, an actress. Her sister made stage appearances in various plays, including He Who Gets Slapped and The Devil’s Disciple.

Personal Life

Elizabeth Bryan Allen married actor Robert Montgomery on April 14, 1928. The two met through the acting industry; both of them were appearing in the Broadway play Dawn when their paths crossed. The couple was together for 22 years, and during this time, they had three children: Martha Bryan, Robert Jr, and Elizabeth Montgomery.

Her firstborn child died at the age of 14 months; Elizabeth never mentioned the cause of the child’s death, but she likely suffered a fatal illness. Elizabeth divorced Robert Montgomery in December 1950 but never cited reasons for their separation. Some of their fans said the couple separated due to extramarital affairs and their demanding acting career.

Life After Divorce

Upon her divorce from Robert Montgomery, Elizabeth Bryan Allen continued with her acting career, but at the time, she could only get a few roles due to her growing age and reduced acting skills. Regarding her love life, it is unclear if she remarried since there is no mention of her marrying someone else; she probably focused on her career and raising her two kids.

Professional Life

Elizabeth began her acting career in the 1920s with her first appearances in The Handyman, and critics praised her for her natural performance. She also appeared in the Broadway Play Dawn, where she played Ann Perkins. In 1925, Elizabeth was in the George M. Cohan’s Theatre, where she played the role of Judy Kirkpatrick in A Holy Terror.

Elizabeth’s other credits include Easy Come, Easy Go, A Family Upstairs, Ladies of the Evening, and Applesauce.

Her Daughter

Elizabeth’s daughter followed in her footsteps as she sought a career in the acting industry. She supported her every step of the way and turned out to be a great actress. Elizabeth Montgomery’s acting career spanned nearly fifty years; it was easy for her to get into the acting industry, given that her father and mother were both in the entertainment industry.

Elizabeth Montgomery’s first appearance was on the show Robert Montgomery Presents; after that, she appeared in various Broadway plays, including Late Love and  Bewitched. On television, Elizabeth’s daughter appeared in multiple shows, including Studio One, Warner Bros. Presents, the Third Man, Wagon Train, One Step Beyond, and Frontier Circus. She died in 1995 after suffering liver and colon cancer.


Elizabeth Bryan Allen died in Patterson, New York, on June 28, 1992. At the time of her death, she was 87 years old. The cause of her death was never made public by her family, but it was probably due to age, given that older people suffer from various health conditions.