Meet Bobby Lashley’s Daughter, Naomi Lashley Meet Bobby Lashley’s Daughter, Naomi Lashley

Meet Bobby Lashley’s Daughter, Naomi Lashley

Naomi Lashley is the daughter of American wrestler and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and his wife, Kristal Marshall. The young celebrity child was born in 2011 in the United States of America. Naomi is not the only child of the WWE champion; she has two siblings named Myles and Kyra.


Naomi Lashley is in elementary school, but her parents have not made public the details of the school the young celebrity kid attends. However, given her parents’ influence and affluence, Naomi attends one of the best schools in the United States.

Her Parents’ Relationship

Naomi’s parents started dating in 2007; the two had met through their respective careers in wrestling. Despite being deeply in love, the couple’s short-lived relationship lasted only three years. At the time of their separation, Kristal was pregnant with Naomi, but then they separated. Even though the couple separated, they have been co-parenting, and Naomi receives the love she deserves from her parents.

Her Father’s Wrestling Career

Naomi’s father joined the WWE in January 2005, appearing under the Raw and SmackDown brand. His first year was quite successful, as he was on an undefeated streak for almost a year. Besides he also argued with Vince McMahon, which prompted him to leave the organization for a while to do martial arts.

As a martial arts fighter, Naomi’s father achieved some success and had an excellent record; having competed in 12 matches, he had won ten and lost just two. In 2018, Bobby Lashley returned to the WWE after fighting under different promotional brands. He was well received when he signed to the Raw brand and has won the Intercontinental and WWE Championships twice.

Naomi’s father competes with the top wrestlers, such as Randy Orton, Brock Lesner, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strawman. He is among the few wrestlers to have won multiple championships. Naomi’s father is still active in wrestling, and we will probably continue seeing him in the arena for many years.

Is her Father Married?

Naomi’s father has been dedicated to his career and two kids and has not found time for personal relationships. He has never publicly mentioned that he is married; after separating from Kristal Marshall, he kept a low profile, and little about his personal life has surfaced on the internet. Most of his fans would love to see him married, but he is still focused on his career as he tries to impact the community positively.

What is Her Father’s Net Worth?

Naomi’s father has been wrestling for a long time; he debuted in 2005 and is still active in the wrestling arena. Besides, throughout his career as a wrestler, Bobby Lashley has won several championships, most of them paying. Additionally, as a WWE employee, Naomi’s father takes a considerable amount of money annually as a salary.

Bobby also owns various businesses that contribute to his overall net worth, which is estimated to be about 5 million dollars. Given that he is wealthy, Naomi and her siblings must be enjoying and living their best life.