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Meet Grace Louise Troxell, Bob Hope’s First Wife

Grace Louse Troxell was a celebrity wife who gained fame due to her marriage to Bob Hope. Grace was born in 1912 to Edward and Mary Troxell, and she was a secretary from Chicago when she married Bob.

Louise Troxell was Bob’s partner, and they shared headliner status with Joe Howard at the Pace Theatre. Troxell performed with her partner a few times before singer Dolores Reade joined Hope’s troupe and started performing with him.

Hope established his name as one of the best entertainers, but his marriage was caught with inconsistencies. Hope had indicated that he married Dolores in February 1934, but that seems untrue because he was still married to Troxell. If you want more details regarding Troxell and her ex-husband, here are more details,

Who is Grace Louise Troxell?

Grace Troxell was famous for her relationship with Bob Hope, one of the best world entertainers. Bob and Dolores spent most of their years together, and they always referenced their marriage to February 1934. Still, at the same time, the entertainer was married to his first wife and vaudeville partner, Louise Troxell.

Louise Troxell had spent three years on and off with Bob Hope, and records indicate they were married in 1933. Bob’s divorce papers from Troxell indicated November 1934, meaning he was involved with Dolores while he was married to Troxell.

Louise and Bob Hope’s marriage occurred in January 1933, when they traveled on the vaudeville circuit, but he kept it a secret. There are no records of Dolores and Bob Hope’s marriage; they adopted four children.

Bob Hope spent time with his longtime partner, Dolores, but sources indicate that he was largely involved in extramarital affairs. Hope had a reputation as a womanizer, and he continued to engage with many women despite being married.

Moreover, some sources indicate that he never forgot his first wife, Troxell, as he continued to send her money in her later years.

Who is Bob Hope?

Bob Hope established his name as one of the best entertainers who had many years of a successful career. Bob was an actor, comedian, producer, and entertainer, and his career spanned almost 80 years, making him one of the most long-serving entertainers.

He appeared in many stage productions and hosted Academy Awards nineteen times. Despite having such a successful career, he was involved in extramarital relationships that almost damaged his career.

While on a radio show in 1949, he was involved with Barbara Payton. After Bob could not satisfy Barbara, he paid her to silence her, although the story surfaced years later. Bob never responded to the story, and as a result, it never ruined his career.

Moreover, Bob had many other relationships, including with Marilyn Maxwell, Rosemarie Frankland, and more. In one of his interviews, the entertainer revealed that he had a thirty-year affair with Rosemarie Frankland and expressed it as one of the greatest loves of his life.

Bob Hope died in 2003 due to pneumonia. He died in his home, accompanied by his wife, Dolores.