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Marion Estelle Edison, Thomas Edison’s Eldest Child

Marion Estelle Edison was the eldest child of the famous inventor Thomas Edison. Marion was born on February 18, 1873, and was one of the inventor’s best children. She had a good relationship with her father, explaining why she was a trustee of the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation and an honorary trustee of the Edison Birthplace Association.

Marion Estelle became one of the earliest individuals from America to travel overseas. As a result of her travels, she met her husband, who spent over two decades together. Although the relationship ended, Marion described it as the best marriage she had ever had.

Marion Estelle Edison’s Bio

Mario, nicknamed Dot, was the eldest child of inventor Thomas Edison. Marion was born in Newark, New Jersey on February 18, 1873. She grew up in Menlo Park, where Thomas Edison had a laboratory and spent most of his time there.

Marion’s mother died at a young age, and she played a huge role in helping his father take care of her two brothers. Marion loved spending time with her father and saw him propose marriage to Mina Miller using Morse Code.

Marion Edson’s Parents

Thomas Alva Edison and Mary Jane Stilwell were Marion’s parents. Mary Jane worked in Thomas’s shops, and they married in 1872. After a few years of the marriage, her mother contracted typhoid, which led to her death.

Marion’s mother had three children at the time of her death, and Thomas Edison took care of them after his wife died. Marion got close to her father after his death, and she played a huge role in raising her little ones.

After Edison remarried, the family was happy, but the conflicts between Marion and her stepmother made her father stressed. As a result, Marion chose to travel the world and have an adventure away from the family drama.

During one of her trips to Germany, she met her future husband Osier, a lieutenant who spent she spent two decades and later divorced.

Marion Estelle Edison Marriage

Marion Estelle was married at the age of twenty-four. Marion was traveling to Germany when she fell ill, prompting her to board with the Oeser family. Young Lieutenant Oeser was on leave, and upon finding Marion in his home, he was not fairly impressed for taking in an American girl.

Marion never knew German, and Oscar did not know English, but their conversation was in poor French. After four nights, Marion and Oscar chose to marry. But at those times, lovers needed to be patient, and the Edison family had to inquire whether the son-in-law matched his daughter.

After Edison was satisfied with his future son-in-law, he sent money, and baptism followed before the two exchanged vows. It took sixteen years for Thomas Edison to meet his son-in-law because he was very busy during the marriage ceremony. But he sent them two automobiles manufactured in America to recognize his daughter’s marriage.

Sixteen years later, Edison’s family met the Oeser family, but the marriage ended in divorce after 24 years.