Ellanora Needles Ellanora Needles

Ellanora Needles: A famous American actress with a successful personal and professional life  

Ellanora Needles was a famous American actress, who impressed people with her surreal beauty and incredible acting during the 1950s. The lady has already died decades ago but her legacy is still alive because she was professionally successful and her personality was just outstanding.

Here, let us tell you the life details of Ellanora Needles including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, and all other such details.

Personal life

Ellanora Needles was born on 1 September 1918, in Ohio, United States to Henry Needles and Ellenora Robinson Patterson. She was an American by nationality while she never bothered to talk about her religious views.

Coming to the married life of Ellanora Needles, the phenomenal lady got married twice in her life. Her first marriage with American actor George Reeves was not successful and it lasted only 10 years from 1940 to 1950. The same here itself, Ellanora Needles got married to a lawyer named Edward M. Rose. She remained together with him until he died in 1984. Ellanora Needles lived almost 2 more decades after the death of her husband before leaving the world on 7 February 2002, in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

Parents and siblings

Ellanora Needles was the beloved daughter of Henry Needles and Ellenora Robinson Patterson. Apart from the names, nothing is available about the parents of Ellanora Needles, be it their personal or professional lives. The same goes for the siblings of Ellanora Needles as well. There is not at all any information available regarding the siblings of Ellanora Needles.


The first marriage of Ellanora Needles did not yield her any kids but she became the proud mother of two lovely daughters through her second marriage and the names of her daughters are Leonora Robinson Rose and Deborah Rose.

Education and profession 

Ellanora Needles had a love for acting since her childhood and she attended Pasadena Community Playhouse as an acting student to pursue her passion. After completing her early education, whether or not she received her higher education is not known. Once her studies were done, she stepped into the acting world and ended up becoming a successful actress.

Reason for the popularity of Ellanora Needles

Hands down, Ellanora Needles herself is a reason for her popularity. She was a successful actress and achieved significant success in her life. In addition to that, she also grabbed public attention when she got married to legendary American actor, George Reeves.

Net worth of Ellanora Needles

The exact net worth of Ellanora Needles is not known but she was estimated to have around 1 to 5 million when she died in 2002. Considering the fact that she was a successful actress, we don’t wonder how the beautiful lady has managed to amass this much net worth.


Ellanora Needles is one of those rare actresses, who managed to live a successful personal life along with their thriving professional career. She must have put a lot of effort into both spheres of her life.