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Mark Applewhite Biography and life history

Mark Applewhite is a celebrity child from America who is best recognized for being the son of American religious leader, Marshall Applewhite, who founded the religious movement Heaven’s Gate and committed suicide along with 38 of his followers in 1997 making it the biggest mass suicide in the USA.

However, today we are not here to talk about the father of Mark Applewhite but Mark Applewhite himself. So, read this article and have all the life information about him.

Personal life 

With the fact that Mark Applewhite is mainly known because of his father, no details are available about his birth including his birthplace and date of birth. If we talk about the names of his parents, they are Marshall Applewhite and Ann Pearce.

The same can be expected about the personal life of Mark Applewhite as well. Not at all any information is available regarding this. Mark Applewhite never bothered to talk about his personal affairs in public.

Parents and siblings 

The names of Mark Applewhite’s parents are Marshall Applewhite and Ann Pearce. If you talk about the personal life of his parents, it was not successful. When the two got married is not confirmed but they divorced in 1968. On the professional front, you already know that the father of Mark Applewhite was a religious leader but nothing is known about the profession of his mother.

If you were curious to know about the siblings of Mark Applewhite, he was probably the only child of his parents. Given this fact, we don’t think Mark Applewhite has any siblings because there is no mention of that.


Only Mark Applewhite knows whether or not he has any kids because he has not made his personal life public.

Education and profession 

Here again, the public knows nothing because Mark Applewhite has not revealed any information about his education as well as profession. With the fact that he is the son of such a big leader, we can expect him to be professionally well-established.

Reason for the popularity of Mark Applewhite 

This goes without saying that the one and only reason for the popularity of Mark Applewhite is his father, Marshall Applewhite, who was a famous religious leader in the USA during the late 1990s. He committed suicide along with his 38 followers and created a sensation in the whole country making it the largest mass suicide in the country in history ever.

Net worth of Mark Applewhite 

Tell us how it is possible to find out the earning details and the exact figures of the net worth of Mark Applewhite when he has not dropped even a single piece of information about his profession. Yes, the current net worth of Mark Applewhite is not known.


Mark Applewhite is said to have not had a very amicable relationship with his father. He even apologized for the misconduct of his father to people who were concerned in that mass suicide case.