Kit Carson Cody Kit Carson Cody

Kit Carson Cody Biography and life history

Kit Carson Cody is a dead personality from centuries ago but his name is still alive because his father, Buffalo Bill, was a great personality, famous as an extraordinary American soldier and showman. Kit Carson Cody died when he was only 6 years old and he is still popular because of his father.

Today, let us reveal all the life details of Kit Carson Cody.

Personal life 

Kit Carson Cody was born on 26 November 1870 in Lincoln County, Nebraska, USA as the dotting son of Buffalo Bill and Louisa Frederici. He was an American by nationality like his parents. With the fact that Kit Carson Cody was the son of a rich father, he had a privileged childhood. However, before he could enjoy his childhood with his siblings, he left the world at the young age of only 6.

He died on 20th April 1876 in Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA of scarlet fever. Considering the fact that he died so early, there is obviously no point in talking about the love life of Kit Carson Cody.

Parents and siblings 

Kit Carson Cody was one of four children of his parents, Buffalo Bill and Louisa Frederici, who got married in 1866 and remained together for 50 long years until the death of Kit Carson Cody’s father in 1917. However, they had a fair share of ups and downs in their married life and had even filed for divorce once but things improved between them later on and they decided to reconcile.

If you talk about the professions, the father of Kit Carson Cody was a renowned American soldier and showman while his mother never revealed any details regarding the same. Let us tell you about the siblings of Kit Carson Cody as well. He had three siblings and their names were Arta Cody, Irma Louisa Cody Garlow, and Orra Maude Cody.


Obviously, Kit Carson Cody did not have any children.

Education and profession 

Kit Carson Cody did not have any educational background as such because he died when he was not even 6 years old. He must have had started going to school but would have been in the early classes only. The same goes for the profession of Kit Carson Cody as well.

Reason for the popularity of Kit Carson Cody

Needless to mention, the only reason for the popularity of Kit Carson Cody is his father, Buffalo Bill, who garnered huge publicity as a soldier.

Net worth of Kit Carson Cody

Kit Carson Cody obviously did not have any net worth because he was a mere child when he died. Yeah, he was blessed enough to be born in a rich family and his father had an estimated net worth of around 1 million dollars when he died in 1917.


Kit Carson Cody was a little fortunate because he took birth into such a prestigious family but life was not fair enough for him and he could not live long.