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Chyna Tahjere Griffin Biography and life history

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is a young singer from America who has chosen to follow the shadow of her parents and make her career in the music industry. She is yet to taste a giant level of success in her life and is best recognized today for being the daughter of American musician couple Faith Evans and Kiyamma Griffin.

Today, we are here to reveal all the life details of Chyna Tahjere Griffin.

Personal life

Chyna Tahjere Griffin was born on 1st April 1993 in Newark, New Jersey, United States, as the loving daughter of Faith Evans and Kiyamma Griffin. Like her parents, she holds American nationality but has not revealed any details related to her religious beliefs and ethnicity.

If we talk about the love life of Chyna Tahjere Griffin the lady might be dating someone but she has not revealed any details regarding her love life.

Parents and siblings

How many kids the parents of Chyna Tahjere Griffin, Faith Evans and Kiyamma Griffin, had together is not known. They had a relationship for a brief period of time before achieving success in the music industry but their relationship could never culminate into a marriage. If you talk about their professions, you already know that both of them are singers.

If you talk about the siblings of Chyna Tahjere Griffin, we are not sure whether she has any siblings. Yes, she has a couple of step-siblings from her mother.


Chyna Tahjere Griffin probably has not embraced motherhood in her life yet because nothing such is available.

Education and profession 

Like the love life of Chyna Tahjere Griffin, you are unlikely to get any information about her educational background as well. With the fact that she is the daughter of a celebrity, it won’t be wrong to assume that she must have received a good education. As far as the profession of Chyna Tahjere Griffin is concerned, she is an emerging music star from America.

Reason for the popularity of Chyna Tahjere Griffin

Chyna Tahjere Griffin herself is a celebrity and garnered good public attention after releasing her debut song. However, the major reason for her popularity is her mother, Faith Evans, who is a phenomenal American singer and songwriter. In addition to that, she is also an actress and quite active on social media.

Net worth of Chyna Tahjere Griffin

The exact net worth of Chyna Tahjere Griffin is not known because the gorgeous lady has never opened her lips regarding this matter. Considering the fact that she is an emerging musician and achieved a good level of initial success, we assume that she must be a millionaire today. If we talk about the net worth of her singer mother, she is estimated to hold around 27 million.


Chyna Tahjere Griffin has inherited the talent for singing from her parents. We hope she also becomes as successful as her mother in the music industry and makes her own kingdom of popularity and success.