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Cary Booker Biography and life history

Cary Booker died in 2013 but we are talking about him even today because his son is a renowned personality and he himself was working in a prestigious profession. To tell you clearly, Cary Booker is best recognized for being the father of the American renowned politician, Cory Booker.

If you are interested in learning more details about Cary Booker, read this article where we are going to discuss every single life detail of him.

Personal life 

Considering the fact that Cary Booker himself was not a renowned celebrity himself, not much information is available about his early life. The sure thing you can get about his birth details is that he was born on 10 December 1936, in Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States. By nationality, he was an American but he never bothered to disclose his religious beliefs.

If we talk about the personal life of Cary Booker, the same goes for it as well. The only confirmed information about it is the name of his wife that was Carolyn Rose. On 10 October 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, Cary Booker died at the age of around 77.

Parents and siblings 

As we have already told you the family background of Cary Booker still remains under wraps, not even a single piece of information is available about his parents as well as siblings.


How was the married life of Cary Booker is not really known but we are sure of one thing that he became the father of two proud kids through this marriage. The names of his children are Cary Booker II and Cory Booker. His son, Cory Booker, is a famous American politician today.

Education and profession 

Like many other life details, finding out anything about the education of Cary Booker is also not possible. However, we believe that Cary Booker was a well-educated man because he worked in a reputable profession. He along with his wife was one of the first black IBM executives in the USA.

Reason for the popularity of Cary Booker

No doubt Cary Booker was professionally successful and used to work in the top-level of management, the main reason for his recognition is his politician son, Cory Booker, who is a current US Senator.

Net worth of Cary Booker 

Keeping the fact in mind that Cary Booker was an IBM executive, we can assume that he must have earned a good amount of money in his life and lived a fairly luxurious life as well. However, the exact numbers of his net worth are yet to come out in public because he never wished them to be public. If you talk about the net worth of his politician son, Cory Booker, it stands at approximately 5 million.


Nothing can be more prideful than being successful in your professional career and then seeing your son achieving success much more than you. Cary Booker had experienced this feeling very well in his life.