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Alexandra Calloway Biography and life history

If you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in Hollywood town, Alexandra Calloway must have caught your attention recently when she had a dream wedding with her long-time partner. Although Alexandra Calloway is best recognized for being the daughter of American actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, she herself is no less than a glamorous model.

Here, allow us to tell you all the details about Alexandra Calloway including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, love life, net worth, and other such details.

Personal life 

Despite the fact that Alexandra Calloway is a celebrity child, the exact birth details of this American celebrating girl are not available. Moving on to the names of her parents, she is the daughter of Vanessa Bell Calloway and Anthony Calloway.

Coming to the love life of Alexandra Calloway that has been the reason for her recent popularity, the beautiful lady got married to her long-time lover Zachary Prince in early December 2023. The beautiful lady has shared some of the glimpses from her wedding on her social media handle and left everyone in awe. How long the couple dated before making it finally official is not known.

Parents and siblings

Alexandra Calloway is one of two daughters of her parents Vanessa Bell Calloway and Anthony Calloway, who have been in a happy and successful marital relationship since 1988. They have already celebrated 35 years of that togetherness and their love is getting only stronger day by day. Like their personal lives, their professional careers have been successful as well.

The mother of Alexandra Calloway is a renowned American actress and her father has worked as an anesthesiologist. Speaking of the siblings of Alexandra Calloway, she has one sister and her name is Ashley Calloway, who is also an actress by profession.


We don’t think Alexandra Calloway has any kids right now because there is no such information available.

Education and profession

Though Alexandra Calloway is a glamorous lady and doesn’t shy away from sharing details about her personal life, she never talked about her education and profession. With the fact that the mother and sister of Alexandra Calloway are actresses, we hope that Alexandra Calloway would also be professionally active in the showbiz industry.

Reason for the popularity of Alexandra Calloway 

There are actually two reasons that make Alexandra Calloway popular. First, she is known for being the daughter of renowned American actress, Vanessa Bell Calloway. Second, she herself is active on Instagram and shares her stunning pictures with her fans.

Net worth of Alexandra Calloway 

We would have been able to say anything about the earnings and net worth of Alexandra Calloway only if she had revealed details about her profession. With the fact that it is unknown to the public, figuring out the exact net worth of Alexandra Calloway is also not possible.


Considering the glamour and the beauty of Alexandra Calloway, we really wonder why she is not trying her hands at acting or modeling. If she does, she would definitely achieve success in these professions.