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Yusef Dubois Jackson: A man from a family of celebrities

Yusef Dubois Jackson is a celebrity son from America who is well-known as the beloved son of American award-winning civil rights activist and politician, Rev Jesse L. Jackson. Apart from the father, the siblings of Yusef Dubois Jackson are also renowned personalities today.

We will tell you all about the life details of Yusef Dubois Jackson in this article. So delve deep into the details and unfold the information you never learned about Yusef Dubois Jackson.

Personal life 

Yusef Dubois Jackson was born in 1970 in the USA to American high-profile couple, Rev Jesse L. Jackson and Jacqueline Jackson. Yusef Dubois Jackson is 53 years old today and holds American nationality.

If you talk about the personal life of Yusef Dubois Jackson, it is unknown to the public because he has never revealed any details regarding the same. However, considering the fact that he is already 53 years old, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume marriage must have happened for him if he had met the love of his life.

Parents and siblings

Yusef Dubois Jackson is one of 6 children of his parents, Rev Jesse L. Jackson and Jacqueline Jackson, who have been enjoying marital bliss since 1962. In terms of professions, the father of Yusef Dubois Jackson is a politician and civil rights activist while his mother is an author and peace activist.

Like the parents of Yusef Dubois Jackson, his siblings are also renowned personalities. Some are active in politics and some have made their way to the entertainment industry. The names of all of his 5 siblings are Jacqueline Lavinia Jackson, Jonathan Jackson, Santita Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr., and Ashley Jackson.


With the fact that Yusef Dubois Jackson has not taken the curtains off his personal life, it is not known whether or not he has become a father yet.

Education and profession

It’s not just the personal life details of Yusef Dubois Jackson that are unknown to the public but his parents have not revealed anything about his education as well. However, with the fact that he belongs to a prestigious family, we hope that Yusef Dubois Jackson must have received a great education in his life.

Speaking of the profession of Yusef Dubois Jackson, he is said to be a lawyer and a businessman. However, Yusef Dubois Jackson himself has not confirmed these details.

Reason for the popularity of Yusef Dubois Jackson 

Having been born into such a prestigious family is a big reason in itself to become a popular personality in this world. From the parents of Yusef Dubois Jackson to his siblings, almost everyone is a celebrity and this helps Yusef Dubois Jackson to become a known personality despite maintaining a low profile.

Net worth of Yusef Dubois Jackson 

Well, the exact net worth of Yusef Dubois Jackson is not known.  However, with the fact that he is a businessman by profession, it can be predicted that he must be earning a decent amount of money in his life.


Yusef Dubois Jackson has not followed the footprints of his family and has chosen a private life for himself. Probably, he is not interested in the glamour of being a celebrity.