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What Do We Know About Pattie Petty, Kyle Petty’s Ex-Wife?

Car racers know who Kyle Petty is. His expertise in car racing and his family story regarding racing is noticeable. Pattie Petty is the ex-wife of the car racer Kyle Petty, and they had three children. Our focus today is Pattie Petty. Although she wasn’t a car racer, there is much you can know about her life and family.

Who is Pattie Petty?

Pattie Petty is Kyle Petty’s ex-wife. She is an American; as of 2023, she will be 72 years old. She is about 170 cm tall and has three children. Pattie received global attention after being Kyle Petty’s ex-wife. Moreover, her son was also a racer, and he met his death during a training session following a car accident.

Pattie was raised in North Carolina, but her early life is not available to the public. She keeps a secretive profile, and after her divorce, she went off-grid as she was no longer seen in public for any events. While there have been rumors that she might be ailing from Parkinson’s disease, no source has confirmed the rumor, and a recent photo showed that she is doing okay and healthy.

Although Pattie has social media accounts, she doesn’t post details about her life. Thus, keeping updated about her life is tricky.

Career Life

Pattie was married to a family of racers, but she wasn’t interested in the spot. However, she supported her husband in the activities, but her career was being an activist. Her key role was being the CEO of Victory Junction Gang Camp. The idea of the camp was to help charity activities, especially helping children ailing from terminal and chronic diseases.

Moreover, the charity organization draws its motivation from the memory of Pattie’s first son. Adam was the son of Pattie and Kyle, and he died during a training session. His car developed throttle issues and crashed. Although people tried rushing him to the hospital, the damage to his skull led to his death.

The Pattie family came up with the camp idea, and soon, people joined them to support each other. The camp was built near a family land in Randleman, and as its activities continued, it received numerous donations globally to finance its charity activities.

However, an incident where the collected money got lost led people to blame Pattie, forcing her to resign from her CEO position. She was kicked out of the camp when she was ill in 2011 as other executives took advantage of her situation to kick her out.

Pattie’s Marriage Life

Pattie was married to Kyle Petty. They had three children: Adam Petty, Austin Kemp, and Montgomery Lee. Their first son died on May 12, 2000, aged 19. The death affected the family, and losing their firstborn was a blow to them.

The couple divorced in 2012, and Kyle went on to marry Morgan Petty in 2015. They have three children. Pattie is still alive, and we will share more information about her once we gather it.