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Roy Jeffs: A man who exposed his so-called respected Father

Let us start by telling you that Roy Jeffs is no more today. He was known to be the son of American cult religious leader Warren Jeffs, who committed sexual crimes with his own children. Roy Jeffs exposed his father and created a worldwide sensation.

Today, we will tell you all not just about the father of Roy Jeffs but all his life details like his childhood, family, siblings, education, profession, love life, death, and many other such details.

Personal life 

Roy Jeffs was born on 5 June 1992, in Sandy, Utah, United States, and died on 29 May 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States at the age of only 29. Roy Jeffs committed suicide and the reason for that has not come out yet. The names of his parents are  Warren Jeffs and Gloria Barlow and he was American by nationality.

Considering the fact that Roy Jeffs was 29 years old when he died, he might be in a love relationship but no information is available about that. Since he was never spotted with any girl, we can’t make any assumptions about his dating life.

Parents and siblings

Roy Jeffs was the child of Warren Jeffs and Gloria Barlow, who did not have a very cordial relationship. The father of Roy Jeffs has many wives. According to Roy Jeffs,  his mother is not one of his favorite wives. As for their professions, you already know that the father of Roy Jeffs is a cult religious leader and nothing is known about his mother.

If you talk about the siblings of Roy Jeffs, how many siblings Roy Jeffs really had is not known but he had more than 50 step-siblings.


Owing to the fact that Roy Jeffs died at the age of 29 and he probably did not have a love relationship at that time, we hope he didn’t have any kids either.

Education and profession 

Despite the fact that Roy Jeffs was the son of such a big personality, he did not have a wonderful childhood because he never had a good relationship with his father. Given this fact, we assume that Roy Jeffs might not have been able to receive a good education in his life. If you talk about his profession, no details are available regarding this.

Reason for the popularity of Roy Jeffs 

Needless to mention the only reason for the popularity of Roy Jeffs is his father, Warren Jeffs, who is a so-called religious leader but is actually a notorious sexual criminal. When Roy Jeffs exposed his father, he grabbed quick media attention.

Net worth of Roy Jeffs

The net worth of Roy Jeffs can be estimated only if he had revealed even little information about his profession. Since it was secret, the net worth of Roy Jeffs was also never known to the public.


Why Roy Jeffs committed suicide at such a young age is not known even today but we believe that his father can be a major reason behind that. However, it is only our guess.