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Yado Yakub Biography and life history

Although many people know him as Yado Yakub, his real name is Ali Iyad Yakub. He is the celebrity husband of Margaret Brennan, a CBS News senior correspondent. There is plenty to share about Yado Yakub, and this post has gathered all the facts to ensure you learn more about Yado Yakub. Take a look!

Biography of Yado Yakub

Although many people know him because of the reputation of his wife, Yado Yakub is a dedicated man who is a Syrian American attorney. His full name is Ali Iyad Yakub, born on July 23, 1978. Yado is an American national with a mixed ethnicity. His current residence is Washington, D.C., and his Zodiac sign is Leo.

Yado’s religion is Islam, and he is the son of Dr. Nabii Y. Yakub and Rolan I. Yakub. His father is a neurologist for Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia. As for Yado’s mother, she teaches at the Country Day School in McLean.

Yado has one sibling named Samia Yakub, and they grew up together learning different languages, including Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. He shares different descents, including Irish and Syrian, since his parents migrated to America before he was born.

Education and Career

Yado attended high school, and after completing it, he enrolled in the University of Virginia to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. From there, Yado joined the University of Miami School of Law, where he studied and attained a Law Degree.

Yado began his career in 2000, working at an office under Joseph Biden, a United States senator then. He worked as a legislative correspondent and held the position for over a year. While working here, Yado drafted a legislative memorandum on matters of campaign finance reform.

After ending his career in this position, he became part of the Diaz & Kaiser law firm based in Miami, where he worked as an associate attorney. He held the position for two years from 2004, and during this time, he handled different legal issues such as conducting depositions and hearing civil litigation.

Moreover, he once worked with an accounting and auditing firm as a consultant for one year between 2016 and 2017. As of 2023, Yado works as a lieutenant colonel, a judge advocate, and a foreign area officer for the Marine Corps Recruiting. Moreover, he is also a senior strategic advisor for different institutions, including Southern Europe and Africa for SAS.

Net Worth

Thanks to his successful career, Yado has managed to gain a good income. His career has made fortunes over the years since it started in 2000. Although no exact figures have been shared, his wealth is about $2 million.

Relationship Status

Yado is a married man. His wife is Margaret Brennan, and they met as students in 1998. However, they started dating in 2013 after meeting again in Washington, D.C. Yado proposed to Margaret after dating for a year and held their marriage on April 11, 2015. The couple has two kids and are living happily together.