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Ashen Josan Page Biography and life history

Some people are so fortunate that they get to enjoy popularity and the affection of people right from their childhood and Ashen Josan Page is one of those people. He is the son of famous English guitarist and musician, Jimmy Page. This is the reason he never fails to grab the attention of people.

Today, he grabbed our attention and made us research his life details. So, if you are interested in learning the life details of Ashen Josan Page, read this article in detail.

Personal life 

Ashen Josan Page was born in 1999 as the loving son of Jimmy Page and Jimena Gómez-Paratcha. He holds English nationality and is 24 years old right now. His birthplace is not exactly known to the public.

Moving on to the love life of this young English man, the handsome hunk has kept the details related to his dating life to himself only. He might be dating someone but it is a complete secret to the public because he has never been spotted with any girl and never talked about this topic either.

Parents and siblings 

Ashen Josan Page is the youngest of two children of his parents, Jimmy Page and Jimena Gómez-Paratcha, who got married in 1995. However, their marriage could not last long and they decided to part ways in 2008. Other than Ashen Josan Page, they had one more child and the name of the older sibling of Ashen Josan Page is Zofia Jade, who was born in 1997.

Speaking of their professions, the father of Ashen Josan Page is a renowned English guitarist and magician. On the other hand, his mother has not dropped any information about her profession.


Ashen Josan Page probably does not have any kids right now because no such information is available.

Education and profession

Like many other celebrity kids, no information is available about the educational background of Ashen Josan Page as well. With the fact that he is already 24 years old, we assume that he must be done with his education and has already started his professional journey as well. However, no information is available about the professional career of Ashen Josan Page either.

Reason for the popularity of Ashen Josan Page

The whole credit for the popularity of Ashen Josan Page goes to his father, Jimmy Page, who is one of the best guitarists in the world and has achieved a giant level of success as a record producer and singer.

Net worth of Ashen Josan Page 

Since no details are available about the professional career of Ashen Josan Page, nothing can be said about his earnings and net worth. However, Ashen Josan Page is not devoid of money in his life because his father, Jimmy Page, is estimated to have a jaw-dropping net worth of around $180 million.


Ashen Josan Page is the son of a famous and successful personality. He might follow in the footprints of his father and step into the music industry. However, there has been no such step from him as of now.