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Gladys Kilmer Biography and life history

The person here we are going to talk about has already died but is famous because of her celebrity son, Val Kilmer, who is a noted American actor. The personal life of Gladys Kilmer was not very smooth but she ended up getting love and every other thing that a woman could desire for in her life.

Here, let us reveal all the life details of Gladys Kilmer starting from her birth to her death.

Personal life 

Gladys Kilmer was born on 11th April 1928 in Indiana, USA, and was of Swedish descent. She was an American by nationality and the names of her parents were John Edward Ekstadt and Hilma Swansson Ekstadt.

Moving on to the personal life of Gladys Kilmer, she got married twice in her life. Her first marriage was with Eugene Dorris Kilmer from 1956 to 1968 and it ended with a divorce. 2 years later in 1970, Gladys Kilmer remarried and the name of her second husband was William Bernard Leach. How long she remained with him is not known. If you talk about the death of Gladys Kilmer, she lived a long life of 91 years before taking her last breath in 2019.

Parents and siblings 

Gladys Kilmer was the beloved daughter of her parents, John Edward Ekstadt and Hilma Swansson Ekstadt. Apart from the names, you are unlikely to find any more information about the parents of Gladys Kilmer because they lived a very private life in terms of their personal as well as professional lives.

If you talk about the siblings of Gladys Kilmer, there is mention of only one sibling of her and her name was Karna E. Ekstadt Danielson.


Although the first marriage of Gladys Kilmer with Eugene Dorris Kilmer was short-lived, she welcomed three kids through this marriage named Wesley Kilmer, Mark Kilmer, and Val Kilmer. Among all, Val Kilmer is the most popular one and is famous as a renowned American actor today.

Education and profession

With the fact that not much information is available about the early life of Gladys Kilmer, it does not come as a surprise that details about her education are unknown. As for the profession of Gladys Kilmer, she was a real estate developer and aircraft equipment distributor, according to some reports.

Reason for the popularity of Gladys Kilmer

As you may expect, the only reason for the popularity of Gladys Kilmer is her son, Val Kilmer, who is a self-made star and has achieved significant success in Hollywood.

Net worth of Gladys Kilmer

With the fact that Gladys Kilmer was professionally active, it is pretty clear that she was earning money and must have had a net worth. However, the exact figures of Gladys Kilmer’s net worth are not known.


The professional life of Gladys Kilmer was successful but she had to struggle a little bit in her personal life. However, the lady managed everything flawlessly and lived a peaceful life.