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All About Kathryn Kranhold’s Bio, Wife, Family, and Net Worth

Kathryn Kranhold is a celebrity born in the United States. Kathryn was born on December 17, 1959, and gained huge recognition due to her career as a journalist, reporter, writer, author, and entrepreneur.

Kathryn has had successful jobs at leading media companies, and she has gained many fans due to her great skills. Moreover, when the actress Lisa Banes died, Kathryn was one of the most affected individuals who shared the death of her wife and called out for witnesses to help in the investigations of a hit-and-run case.

If you are wondering how long Lisa Banes and Kathryn have been dating and if they have any children, continue reading this post for more details.

Kathryn Kranhold’s Bio

Born on December 17, 1959, Kathryn has been in the limelight for her career as a journalist, reporter, and writer. She was born in the United States, and although she has not offered exact details of her parents, her other family members include Lester Kranhold, Dorothy Kranhold, and Steve Kranhold.

Since Kranhold’s childhood, she has been interested in journalism, so she did a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California. After her studies, she started her career as a reporter and journalist in various media agencies.

While working on her career, she met the love of her life, Lisa Banes, and according to reports, they started dating in 2014. After a few years of dating, the love birds made it official in City Hall in 2017. After exchanging vows, they started living as partners, although they never had children.

Kathryn Kranhold Career

Kathryn is a journalist, and according to sources, she had a passion for journalism, prompting her to pursue journalism at a high level of education. She started practicing as a journalist in 1986, and her first role was as a full-time reporter at Hartford Courant.

After ten years in the company, she left and joined The Wall Street Journal Media company as a senior reporter. Kathryn spent another decade on Wall Street until June 2008, when she worked as a communication specialist.

The Death of Lisa Banes, Kathryn Kranhold’s Wife

In 2012, the news of the death of Lisa Banes made headlines. The Hollywood actress was involved in a hit-and-run scooter crash, and unfortunately, she sustained brutal brain injuries that resulted in her death after a week.

After Lisa Banes died, Kathryn took to her Twitter account, where she mourned the big loss. Kathryn described her as love and Light, and she continued to plead with witnesses to come forward and help the police give Lisa justice.

According to trusted sources, Lisa Banes was traveling to New York City for the first time after the pandemic when she was hit by the scooter. She was going to visit Kathryn, who was working in the city. After she was hit, paramedics rushed to save her, but because of severe head trauma, she died.

Many fans of the actress sent their condolences, and everyone agreed that it was a big loss for Hollywood to lose such a skilled actress.