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Andrew Lee Morrison Biography and life history

Andrew Lee Morrison is popular as Jim Morrison’s brother. Although Jim had shared misinformation about him being the only child in his family, he had other siblings, and Andre Lee was his brother. After people discovered that Jim Morrison had a family, they became curious to dig into his life, including knowing who his brother was. This post will talk about who Andrew Lee Morrison is and details about his family and brother.

Biography of Andrew Lee Morrison

Andrew Lee Morrison is an American male who was born in 1948. His birthplace is Los Altos, California. Andrew’s ethnicity is Caucasian; his parents are George Stephen Morrison and Clara Clarke Morrison.

Andrew has two siblings. His sister is Anne Robin Morrison, while his brother is Jim Morrison, an American poet, singer, and songwriter. It is through his brother’s reputation that Andrew Lee became famous.

Andrew’s father worked in the United States Navy and was a naval aviator. His key achievement was being a commander of the naval forces, especially during the 1964 incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, which escalated the war between America and Vietnam.

Andrew Lee was the last born in the family. When talking about his parents and upbringing, he mentioned that despite his father being in the military, he never physically punished them. Nonetheless, he instilled discipline in the children to give them a good upbringing.

Family Controversy

Although Andrew grew up with his parents, the same couldn’t be said about his brother. Unfortunately, Jim Morrison cut off his family, especially after graduating from UCLA.

As his music career progressed, Jim cut off contact with his family following a scenario where he argued with his father regarding his music. According to Jim, his father trashed his musical talent, saying he wasn’t talented. His words hurt Jim, who vowed to cut ties with the family and focus on working on his musical talent.

When he started showing signs of success, Jim was not in contact with his family for over a year. He even mentioned that his parents and siblings had died. In an interview in 196, Jim mentioned that he preferred not to stay in contact with the family as they didn’t support his musical talent initially. He didn’t want them involved in his musical career.

Andrew’s father acknowledged that his argument with Jim regarding his career was to blame for the loss of contact. He mentioned that he was proud of his son and understood why he cut ties with the family.

Unfortunately, Jim Morrison developed a drinking habit that quickly escalated and affected his career. He even went on stage drunk, and this affected his band and worked negatively for them. Sadly, Jim Morrison was found dead aged 27. His premature death was unexpected, and his death remains disputed as no valid reasons were shared.

The news saddened the family, but they lived to share his memories, and his sister helped publish a book about Jim’s work.