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Bobbie Jett: A proud celebrity mother and a heart-broken lover

Bobbie Jett is one of those fortunate and proud ladies who get public recognition because of their kids. Today, Bobbie Jett is no more but still famous for being the mother of American singer and songwriter Jett Williams. In addition to that, Bobbie Jett also grabbed huge publicity when she was alive for her romantic relationship with American musician Hank Williams.

Here, let us disclose the life details of Bobbie Jett including her childhood, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life

With the fact that Bobbie Jett was a celebrity mother, not at all any information is available about her early life including the names of her parents and her birth details. As for the nationality of Bobbie Jett, she was an American.

Moving on to the love life of Bobbie Jett that was a major reason for her publicity, whether or not Bobbie Jett married in her life is not really known but she is mainly known for her brief love relationship with American musician Hank Williams. The couple dated around 1952 and their relationship was short-lived. If you talk about the death of Bobbie Jett, she died in 1974. What was the reason for her death and how old she was at that time is not known to the public

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the family background of Bobbie Jett has never been revealed. This is the reason you are unlikely to find anything about the parents as well as siblings of Bobbie Jett.


Although the love relationship of Bobbie Jett with American musician Hank Williams was short-lived and never culminated in marriage, she became a mother of one daughter named Jett Williams through this relationship.

Education and profession

Saying anything confirmed about the education and profession of Bobbie Jett would have been possible only if she had exposed some details regarding the same. Since she preferred to keep all these details to herself only, nothing is available about the education as well as the profession of Bobbie Jett.

Reason for the popularity of Bobbie Jett

Today, Bobbie Jett is best known for being the mother of American legendary singer and songwriter Jet Williams. Besides that, she was famous for being the girlfriend of famous musician Hank Williams when she was alive.

Net worth of Bobbie Jett

Considering the fact that no details are available about the profession of Bobbie Jett, we are not surprised that nothing is available about her earnings as well as net worth. Nevertheless, it is pretty obvious that Bobbie Jett must have earned good money in her life because she raised her daughter, Jett Williams who has an estimated net worth of around 10 million right now, all alone.


Getting your heart broken in a relationship and then raising your child all alone is not an easy task but Bobbie Jett did it beautifully in her life. We must say Bobbie Jett was a strong woman with exceptional dedication and hard work.