Infinity Gilyard:  A young social media personality fostered by a prominent celebrity Infinity Gilyard:  A young social media personality fostered by a prominent celebrity

Infinity Gilyard:  A young social media personality fostered by a prominent celebrity

Some people get to enjoy a luxurious life because they are born into a family of celebrities. But, there are some who get an upbringing by rich people even after having been born into an ordinary family. Infinity Gilyard is one such person. She is getting a privileged life as well as public recognition because of her foster mother, Yandy Smith, who is a famous American film producer.

Today, find all the details about Infinity Gilyard through this article where we are going to discuss her early life, family, siblings, education, love life, children, and other such details.

Personal life

 When Infinity Gilyard was exactly born and how old she is right now is not known because her biological parents are anonymous. According to some reports, Infinity Gilyard was born in 2002 and is 22 years old right now. The only confirmed information you can get about the early life of Infinity Gilyard is the name of her foster mother, that is Yandy Smith.

The same goes for the love life of Infinity Gilyard as well. Neither Infinity Gilyard nor her foster mother ever bothered to discuss anything about the love life of Infinity Gilyard.

Parents and siblings

 As we have already told you the names of the biological parents of Infinity Gilyard are unknown, you are unlikely to get any information about the parents as well as siblings of Infinity Gilyard. The name of the foster mother of Infinity Gilyard is Yandy Smith, who is a successful film producer.


 Infinity Gilyard is only 22 years old right now, so she is obviously too young to have kids right now.

Education and profession

 No information is available about the educational background of Infinity Gilyard as well. As for her profession, Infinity Gilyard is a social media personality, YouTuber, and content creator. The name of her YouTube channel is infinitiayko, where she has lacs of subscribers. In addition to that, she has also ventured into entrepreneurship and owns a business named BYOND INFINITI.

Reason for the popularity of Infinity Gilyard

 Infinity Gilyard is primarily famous because of her foster film producer mother, Yandy Smith. In addition to that, Infinity Gilyard is also a popular social media personality and has garnered a huge fan following on Instagram as well as YouTube handle.

Net worth of Infinity Gilyard

 Owing to the massive fan following of Infinity Gilyard on her different social media handles, it won’t be wrong to assume that today she would be churning out a handsome amount of money. However, the young girl has not revealed the exact numbers of her net worth and earnings. As for the net worth of her film producer mother, Yandy Smith, it sums up to a total of around $18 million as of 2024


Infinity Gilyard is definitely a fortunate child that she got her upbringing by such a renowned celebrity but she herself is a hardworking girl and has achieved such a high level of success at the young age of only 21.