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Janet Knipfing Biography and life history

Janet Knipfing is one of those proud mothers who are popular in the world because of their children. Today, Janet Knipfing is best known for being the mother of American comedian and actor, Kevin James. You must already know a lot about the celebrity son of Janet Knipfing, so today let us tell you some personal information about Janet Knipfing.

Here, we’ll discuss the life details of Janet Knipfing that have never been talked about.

Personal life

With the fact that Janet Knipfing herself is an ordinary person and got public recognition only because of her son, no information is available about her early life. Be it the names of her parents or her birth details, everything is a secret about Janet Knipfing. What Janet Knipfing is up to today is not known. What to say more, even it is not confirmed whether she is alive or dead.

If you talk about the personal life of Janet Knipfing, she is a married lady and the name of her husband is Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr, who was a business owner. How was her married life and how long they remained together is not known.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the family details of Janet Knipfing are not known to anybody other than Janet Knipfing. She never made these details public and this is the reason you are unlikely to find anything confirmed about the parents and siblings of Janet Knipfing.


How long Janet Knipfing remained in her married life is not known but she became the mother of three kids through this marriage and their names are Gary Valentine, Leslie Knipfing, and Kevin James. Among all, Kevin James is the most popular one.

Education and profession 

Like the family details of Janet Knipfing, nothing is available about her educational background but we are sure that Janet Knipfing is an educated lady because she had a successful professional career and she worked in an office. Nothing much information is available about her work profile though.

Reason for the popularity of Janet Knipfing 

It is no-brainer that the only reason for the popularity of Janet Knipfing is her son, Kevin James, who is a renowned American comedian and actor. In addition to him, the other son of Janet Knipfing is also a comedian and actor but the stardom of Kevin James is much more than him.

Net worth of Janet Knipfing 

As we already know, Janet Knipfing is a professionally active lady and she had office work, we can say that she must have had good money in her life and enjoyed decent luxury. However, the exact net worth of Janet Knipfing is not known because she never revealed these details. If you talk about the net worth of her actor son, Kevin James, he is expected to have around $100 million.


Today, the son of Janet Knipfing is a famous personality but the reason behind his success is definitely Janet Knipfing who has worked tirelessly in her life and made her kids capable enough to achieve this level of success.