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Mae Marie Mckagan Biography and life history

Mae Marie Mckagan is a young internet sensation from America who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth because both of his parents, Duff McKagan and Susan Holmes are already famous personalities in the showbiz industry. Mae Marie Mckagan is following the footprints of her parents and is definitely an emerging star in the industry.

Today, let us reveal the significant life details of Mae Marie Mckagan that you probably don’t know about her.

Personal life

Mae Marie Mckagan marked her presence in the world on 14th July and is 23 years old today. The names of her parents are Duff McKagan and Susan Holmes and she holds American nationality.

You might be curious to know about the love life of this young beautiful girl, let us burst your bubble and tell you Mae Marie Mckagan has not spilled any beans regarding this matter. She must be dating someone but she has kept it a complete secret.

Parents and siblings

Mae Marie Mckagan is the youngest of 2 kids of her parents, Duff McKagan and Susan Holmes, who got married in 1999. However, they started dating years before that and even had one girl child named Grace Mckagan in 1997, who is the older sister of Mae Marie Mckagan. As of today, the parents of Mae Marie Mckagan are together and their family of 4 is living happily.

Coming to their professional lives, both the parents of Mae Marie Mckagan are active in the entertainment industry. Her father is a musician and her mother is a famous American model and TV personality.


We don’t think Mae Marie Mckagan has any kids as of now because there is no such information available.

Education and profession

Although no information is available about the educational background of Mae Marie Mckagan, we can say that she must have received a top-class education in her life because she is the daughter of two rich celebrities. As for her profession, you already know she is a successful internet personality.

Reason for the popularity of Mae Marie Mckagan

Mae Marie Mckagan herself is a famous Internet personality and has lacs of followers on her Instagram handle. She has gained enough professional success to become a celebrity. In addition to that, the celebrity status of her parents as well as her sister also helps her to grab public attention sometimes.

Net worth of Mae Marie Mckagan

With the fact that Mae Marie Mckagan is a successful social media personality and has also tried her hands at modeling, it does not come as a surprise that she is the proud owner of around 20 million right now. This is a really huge amount of net worth, especially considering the young age of Mae Marie Mckagan.


Just at the age of 23 Mae Marie Mckagan has gained so much in her professional success. We are pretty sure she is going to be far ahead of her parents one day in her professional career. No doubt she has used the privilege of being a celebrity child very well.