7 Expert Tips for Achieving the Perfect Smoky Eye 7 Expert Tips for Achieving the Perfect Smoky Eye

Master the Art: 7 Expert Tips for Achieving the Perfect Smoky Eye

Creating a flawless smoky eye can be a challenging task, particularly when it comes to the delicate under-eye region. The right technique can enhance your features, but a misstep may leave you looking tired. Professional makeup artist Troy Surratt shares his foolproof tips for achieving a stunning smoky eye makeup look.

7 Professional Tips for Impeccable Smoky Eye Makeup

1. Prime for Perfection

To ensure your smoky eye stays in place, the secret lies in a reliable primer. Applying a small amount of eyelid primer is a crucial initial step. This ensures that your dark shadows and eyeliner remain precisely where they should, preventing any unwanted smudging beyond your lids and rims.

2. Embrace Earthy Tones

Infuse warmth into your smoky eye by incorporating earthy tones. Surratt recommends adding a touch of warm, dark brown even when working with a black smoky eye. Line your lower eyes with a black pencil, then use a small shadow brush to blend dark brown eyeshadow over it. This combination creates a rich, diffused look with dimension.

3. Playful Palette

Step away from the conventional black smoky eye and explore a spectrum of rich, dark colors. Experiment with deep plum, navy blue, charcoal gray, or dark olive to bring diversity to your smoky eye makeup palette.

4. Strategic Application

Mindful application is key, especially regarding how far down you take the makeup. Surratt advises keeping the color close to the lash line without extending too far down. Striking the right balance ensures a rich and dense color closer to the lashes, gradually diffusing as you move downward.

5. Artful Blurring

While precision is involved in applying smoky eye makeup, the final look should appear artfully smudged. Utilize a crease brush or mini-dome brush to blend eyeshadow along the lids for that signature smoky appearance. Gently smudge the color beneath your eyes to complete the sultry look.

6. Mindful Placement

Be strategic about eyeshadow placement, focusing under the iris and the outer corners. Avoid extending eye makeup into the tear troughs, the area commonly concealed with concealer. This ensures a polished look without encroaching on areas meant for brightening.

7. Finishing Touches

Complete your smoky eye masterpiece by cleaning up any stray marks. Apply eye makeup first, then use Q-Tips or eye makeup remover for precise cleanup. Maintain the intensity near the lashes and add a touch of highlighter to the inner corners for an extra pop.


With these expert tips, you can confidently master the art of creating the perfect smoky eye. Whether you opt for classic black or venture into a realm of dark hues, these techniques ensure your smoky eye makeup remains flawless and captivating.