Gown Styling Mistakes to Avoid Gown Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Pageant 101: Gown Styling Mistakes to Avoid

So, are you all set with your swimsuit round and got your hands on that stunning evening dress? Yes? Well, that’s fantastic news! 

While the swimsuit round tends to be more straightforward in terms of styling, have you thought about how you’ll bring out the best in your pageant evening gown? If you have, kudos to you! 

But here’s the real question: Have you taken note of the pitfalls many contestants face when styling their gowns? No? Well, do you know that these common blunders can make a huge difference in your overall presentation? But you don’t need to panic even if you haven’t thought about it. Why? Because we’ve got your back!

Today, we’ll talk about some of the common styling mistakes you’d want to sidestep for a flawlessly memorable entry. So, without making you wait any further, Let’s get started!

Wearing an Uncomfortable or Ill-Fitted Gown

This is the biggest mistake that a contestant can make when participating in a beauty pageant. Imagine wearing a long, strapless, unique pageant dress that needs to be fixed every 5 minutes. How will it look in front of the judges? And have you considered how it will impact your confidence? 

Well, let us tell you that you may not consider it as much, but it will definitely impact your overall performance because, in the end, it’s a beauty pageant, and you’re supposed to look your best at these events. 

Apart from gowns that don’t fit you properly, you should also avoid dresses that make you feel uncomfortable. For instance, if you’re not comfortable with a high slit or a plunging neckline, don’t force yourself into it just because it’s trendy or someone suggests it. Your discomfort will be visible, affecting your poise and confidence on stage. 

So, when you’re finalizing a dress for your big night, consider things like the sizing of the designer or brand you want to wear. Also, make sure that you have proper measurements of yourself. If you don’t have proper measurements of yourself, then how will you compare it with the sizing charts accurately?

Apart from this, use the trial and error method while shortlisting your dress. That means trying as many dresses as you can. This will help you narrow down your options to only those dresses that not only look stunning on you but are also extremely comfortable.

Wearing Heels You Can’t Walk In

We understand that you would want to wear those sky-high heels that are tucked away in your cupboard just for this occasion. However, wearing these heels isn’t the most feasible option. Before choosing your footwear for the occasion, ask yourself this:

  • Are the heels you have shortlisted comfortable or not?

If the answer to this question is no, then avoid wearing those heels because even though they’re beautiful, they’re certainly not the best option. Now, you would ask – what’s the worst that could happen? Well, you can fall! And you certainly don’t want that, do you? 

Whereas some beauty queens are in the habit of wearing high heels, it’s not the case with everyone. If you’re someone who is not comfortable with those, then don’t shy away from wearing shorter heels. Or if you still want to wear high heels, then try block heels. Trust us, they’re a great alternative to stilettos. 

Also, we know that even after knowing everything, sometimes it’s just difficult to make up your mind to wear shorter heels. Well, in that case – practice is key. Wear those high heels that you selected and try to walk in them as much as possible. 

Practice your ramp walk and make sure that you are not sloppy. Make your friends and family observe your walk. We’re sure that with proper practice, nobody can stop you from wearing those heels that you have set your heart on.

Not Maintaining Balance Between Accessories and Gown

Picture this – you’re wearing a gown filled with stone embellishments, and on top of it, you’re wearing a heavy stone necklace and earrings. Does it look good and presentable? No, right? 

Okay, now imagine you are wearing the same embellished gown but with no neckpiece, just elegant long-stone earrings and maybe a minimalist bracelet. Now, it sounds a little better, doesn’t it? 

Well, it’s because balance is key. You can’t wear everything heavy altogether, and if you keep everything subtle from head to toe, then it can make you look dull. So, it’s important to maintain a balance.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re wearing a heavy pageant evening gown, then go light on accessorization. whereas if you’re donning a subtle attire, then you have a chance to experiment with different accessories. 

So there you have it – the essential considerations for flawless gown styling in a beauty pageant. Avoid the pitfalls of uncomfortable, ill-fitted gowns or impractical heels. Strike a balance between your gown’s embellishments and your accessories for a stunning, cohesive look. Remember, confidence in what you wear is the ultimate accessory!