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Pretend Newlyweds: The Complete Guide

Love is beautiful, and one way people solidify their love is through marriage, especially when a wedding is involved. However, weddings are not cheap, and we don’t expect them to be even in the future. A wedding has plenty of expenses, from food to events to clothes. For these reasons, some people prefer not to have the weddings.

Thanks to Nikubou, you don’t have to plan for a wedding to enjoy the wedding feeling. With Pretend Newlyweds, two people can register and experience what the event involves. If you are a couple, Pretend Newlyweds is a great way to experience the wedding feeling for a day without breaking the bank. So, what is Pretend Newlyweds all about, and why engage in it? We hope to answer all your questions by the end of this post. Let’s begin!

How Did Pretend Newlyweds Come to Be?

Pretend Newlyweds is an idea turned into reality by Nikubou. Before discussing its origin, let’s discuss what Pretend Newlyweds is about. For people looking to act as newlyweds or experience the wedding feeling without having an actual wedding, Pretend Newlyweds is the way to go.

Pretend Newlyweds is the work of Nikubou. It is an event where two people register to enjoy the feeling of pretending to be newly wedded for a day and enjoy all that comes with it. The participants engage in different activities that newlyweds would engage in. From spending time with each other, cooking to going on a date to spending a good time with each other.

The pretense is meant to last a day, after which the two can resume their normal life. The idea is to help participants enjoy pretending they are newlyweds. For a couple, Pretend Newlyweds is a great way of reviving the love, and if you’ve not had an actual wedding, you can use this opportunity to experience the feeling without breaking the bank.

Although the actual details about where Pretend Newlyweds originated are unclear, we believe it all began in Japan. The event has been hugely popularized by Japanese comedians and even TV show hosts. It has been widely used as a comedic tool, hinting that Nikubou might have devised the idea in Japan.

How Does Pretend Newlyweds Work?

You are probably already excited about Pretend Newlyweds and wondering how to start. Well, the first thing is to find a partner. It could be your partner or a friend with whom you wish to enjoy the moment.

You should be comfortable with the event for maximum benefit. Remember, there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged on your wedding day. So, find a worthy partner and get ready to have all the fun pretending you are newlyweds.

Again, you must enroll on the Pretend Newlyweds site by giving details to create your profile. For instance, you must provide your name, bio, and hometown. Once the profile gets created, you will get issued with the wedding date, which mostly coincides with special events, such as Valentine’s Day.

The next thing is to plan how the eventful day will be. We are discussing selecting the wedding theme, the pictures for your album, colors, clothes, reception, etc. Anything you feel should be included in the wedding should be detailed and prepared. It’s a one-day moment; you should go hard on it to create the best moment and experience.

Best Tips to Create a Memorable Pretend Newlyweds Day

Before you start imagining how best to utilize the Pretend Newlyweds, let’s discuss a few tips that will help maximize the day. Our goal is to ensure you don’t forget this day.

Here are helpful things to consider.

  1. Creativity is Key

Nikubou created Pretends Newlyweds, but it’s up to the participants to go beyond their creativity and bring the best out of the day. Be creative about what activities to engage in. Whether it is dancing, writing love notes, taking pictures, playing games, etc., your creativity is vital to this day’s success.

  1. Be Comfortable with It

A key thing that will dictate how the event will be is how comfortable you and your partner are. So, ensure you are both into having this day. By ensuring you are comfortable, you will look forward to it and have more room to have fun and create the best Pretend Newlyweds characters.

  1. Don’t Limit the Fun

What’s there to lose? So, ensure you maximize the day to the limit. Go on that date, visit a romantic place, enjoy the meals, cook together, play together, satisfy each other, and let everything flow. Having a day to act as newlyweds shouldn’t have limitations. You should do all that makes you happy for this day and enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Get Involved

In preparing for the event, you and your partner should get involved. Discuss what to include in preparing the day. Agree on things like the reception, colors, theme, etc. That way, everything will be as you would expect. Your mood starts with prior planning; when done right, you are guaranteed never to forget this day.

  1. Have a To-Do List

A to-do list is one way of preparing for the day. Having a clear guide of what you wish to do as Pretend Newlyweds will ensure you are engaged with each other and enjoy the most out of this day. You can individually create the to-do list or create a shared to-do list that accommodates everyone’s plans and interests. While at it, keep an open mind and create new friends.

The event brings together different couples, and it doesn’t hurt to interact with other Pretend Newlyweds.


Weddings are fun, but if you are yet to have your wedding or can’t afford one, Pretend Newlyweds gives you room to enjoy pretending to be newlyweds and engaging in all the activities newlyweds engage in. We’ve seen what Pretend Newlyweds is all about, the fun in it, and what tips to follow to make it memorable. Have fun!