All Details Regarding Sebastiana Bierk, Sebastian Bach’s Daughter All Details Regarding Sebastiana Bierk, Sebastian Bach’s Daughter

All Details Regarding Sebastiana Bierk, Sebastian Bach’s Daughter

Sebastian Bierk is a celebrity daughter of Sebastian Bach. Sebastian Bach is famous for his career as a singer and songwriter, but he has also acted in films and television shows, making him a millionaire.

Sebastiana Biek was born in 2007, and she is the youngest in the family of three, alongside her elder brothers. Although her parents divorced in 2010, she has been spending time with her father and stepmother.

Sebastiana Bierk’s Parents

Maria Aquinar and Sebastian Bach are Sebastiana Bierk’s parents. Sebastiana’s parents met in the early 1980s when they started dating. The couple welcomed their son Paris in 1988, and in 1992, they made their relationship official, walked down the aisle, and exchanged vows.

After the wedding, Sebastiana’s parents had a happy life and welcomed another son, London, in 1994. Sebastiana was born in 2007, but unfortunately, her parents separated in 2010. It is believed that Sebastiana lives with her father and her stepmother.

In 2011, Sebastian’s fans received bad news when the singer announced that hurricane Irene had damaged his New Jersey home. The home was declared inhabitable, but thankfully, none of the artefacts in the house had been damaged.

Who is Sebastiana’s Father?

Sebastian Bierk, born on April 3, 1968, is a Canadian-Amriocan singer and songwriter who made a name for himself as one of the best singers. The singer succeeded as frontman of Skid Row, a hard rock band that made history in the 1980s.

Sebastian Biek was born in a family of eight children, and his brother Zac Bierk is a retired ice hockey player. Sebastian’s father was a painter, but before he died in 2000, he had a hand in his son’s career. He painted the cover of Skid Row’s album and Sebastian’s cover for Angel Down.

Bach became interested in music due to listening to his mom and aunt sing at home. He felt joy when he heard them sing informally, which drove him into the singing industry. At eight years old, he joined a church choir, which gave him much pleasure when singing.

Sebastian Bach’s Career

Sebastian realized he would sing while he was singing the hymn. He auditioned for Kid Wikkid at 14 and was accepted into the group. When the band moved to Ontario, his father allowed him to live with his aunt.

Bach joined Skid Row in early 1987 after the band’s vocalist had left. Bach joined as the lead vocalist, and the band achieved great success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with its first two albums topping the charts.

Bach left Skid Row in 1996 after he disagreed with other band members. After his departure, he worked with a few bands before releasing his solo album in 1999. Besides his music career, he tried acting, with one of his recognized shows being Gillmore Girls.

Bach revealed that he underwent a hernia surgery in 2017 related to singing. After a month of recovering, the singer said that the surgery was necessary because he had screamed his guts out.